What is Responsive Design?
Why Responsive Website is necessary for your Business?

People search their queries mostly on mobile phones these days. Do you know around 60% of the total online searches come from smartphones only? That is legitimately more than half of the total millions of searches.

A website with responsive design layout means that it is able to it in the devices of every screen size whether you open it on your computer, laptops, smartphones or tablets. This is done through coding in HTML and CSS. Having a responsive website or in simple words, we can call it a mobile friendly website which is nowadays a very crucial part of any online business websites. Every business is spending on having mobile-friendly websites.

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What is Parallax Scrolling?
How to make website unique with parallax?

In web designing, latest trend of Parallax Scrolling is in rage these days. It is the most popular effect that is adopted by web developers and designers for designing the website themes. Now you might be wondering what is Parallax Scrolling. Let us take a quick look at an overview of Parallax Scrolling and how you can create a simple parallax effect?
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Wordpress theme and custom_development
WordPress theme and custom development
What is the difference between WordPress Theme and Custom Theme

Every business small or large who are thinking of taking their business online comes across this dilemma of using a theme or hiring a web designer to built a custom website. Both have their pros and cons. But what is best for your site. In this article, I would discuss the pros and cons of both.

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Cross Browser

In these past years, we have seen a tremendous increase in the number of websites and internet user. There are now around 1.9 Billion websites and around 3 billion users of the internet, which is almost half of the world’s population. You can find anything on the web from learning how to cook to make a website. People will find and view this content over and over.

Which has set us on one point that more users are viewing the websites from a different browser and devices and also raised a question of does your website look the same in every device and platform it is viewed upon.
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