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Top 10 Common WordPress Website Errors And How To Debug Them

Check out the top 10 top 10 common WordPress website errors And know how to debug them. Nothing can make your day bad, like an unexpected error with your site. WordPress is a great software that works fine most of the time. But sometimes, things stop working due to errors. Maybe your site can’t connect to the database, or some files have been corrupted. 

While many WordPress problems can seem daunting at first glance, some are simple to fix. You can troubleshoot the most basic issues once you have identified the source of the problem.

Know more about the most common WordPress website errors. Find out what errors you might encounter as a website owner and how to fix them. Before you attempt to fix WordPress errors, backup your website; when trying to fix your WordPress website, you might complicate things. Having a backup of your website makes sure you can always revert back to the original state of your website. So, before you make any changes to your website, create a backup.

Top 10 Common WordPress Website Errors

1. Error 404

The most common error, Error 404, is probably the most familiar. This error indicates that WordPress cannot find the requested website. The error can also be associated with broken links, unsuitable permalinks, or a changed URL link.

This error can be fixed by replacing the permalink structure with a new one and clearing the cache data. You can also check the .htaccess file, which controls the website’s hyperlink structure. The redirection plugin can be used to redirect 404 web pages on your website.

2. Connection Error Timed Out

If your website does not load after a certain time, or the server can not load your website, then this is called the connection timed-out error. If your website causes too much strain on the web server, the connection timed-out error may also occur. 

We recommend that you optimize your website. You can speed up your website, so it loads in 2 seconds or less. You can also disable all the unnecessary plugins from your WordPress website.

3. Creating a Database Connection Error

When your website cannot connect to a database, such as SQL Server or MySQL Server, the database connection error is triggered. Databases are where all website data, such as pages and posts, is stored. If you cannot access your website database, then the website is not able to function.

Sometimes the error occurs when you enter incorrect password or username information in your database. This error can be fixed by simply analyzing the WordPress login credentials in the wp_config.php. This file is located in the root folder. If you discover incorrect credential data, then rectify it in the file.

4. Error in Internal Server

500 Internal Server Error is another name for the Internal Server Error. This error is caused by an unidentified problem on the server. This error can also be complicated because sometimes the system cannot identify the root cause.

This issue can be solved by contacting your web host to increase the PHP memory limit on your website. You can also review the test in the .htaccess file on your website. Disable the file if it contains an Internal Server Error. This may be able to resolve the internal server problem.

5. Unable to Insert Images

Incorrect file permission can cause the inability to insert an image error. Images can crack on WordPress websites in many different ways. You may find it difficult to upload, or it may display incorrectly.

This could happen if a plugin has accidentally rewritten your website permissions. This is easy to fix. Access your website’s files by opening the root directory (public_html). Next, open the folder wp-content. Here is the “Uploads” folder. You can also store media files in this folder, which allows you to upload images to your website. Right-click on the folder and choose the File permission option. You can change the numeric value by right-clicking.

6. Error in Missed Scheduled

WordPress offers schedule post feature that allows you to plan posts ahead, leave the website alone, and have content automatically published at the set time. You can set up your posts ahead of time, and the content will be published on your WordPress website at the specified times. Sometimes, however, the system may not upload your post, and you will receive a “missed schedule error post” message.

Cron jobs, which WordPress uses to automate certain processes on website, are the reason for this problem.  If the cron job does not trigger when your post is scheduled, your post will not be published and stay in your admin dashboard until you do it manually. You can avoid this issue by using a WordPress plugin called Scheduled Post Trigger.

7. Sidebar Display Below the Main Content Error

A slider display error is when the slider moves from its original location to below your main content. It usually means that there is an issue with the HTML or CSS code in your WordPress theme. This error can be caused by the most recent changes to your WordPress website theme. This error can also occur if your website theme files become corrupted.

You can revert to the previous state if you have made any changes to your website theme files in recent times. It might also help you resolve the problem.

8. RSS Feed Error

Poor formatting on your website is the reason for the WordPress RSS feed error. A blank space created by closing a PHP tag in plugins or using the WordPress theme functions can cause this type of poor formatting. These errors can differ in most cases and depend on the web browser. 

You can also view the RSS feed error by browsing their feed using a web browser. The WordPress platform uses XML for RSS feed development. If there is an extra line break or a single space, then the RSS feed error occurs.

9. WordPress Stop Auto Update

Your online business will benefit from a website that is always up-to-date with the most recent version. Sometimes, however, automated updates may not apply due to an error in the server connection to your WordPress website files or unreliable internet connections.

This problem can be fixed by manually updating WordPress. You will need to install the latest version of WordPress using SFTP.

10. Stuck in Maintenance Mode after Update

When your website is updated, the maintenance mode disables it for a brief period. The website update process usually takes only a few minutes. If your website update was delayed or had to be canceled, you might find that your site is in maintenance mode.

This problem can be easily fixed on your website. You simply need to go to the root folder and delete the file “.maintenance” from your WordPress website. This will restore your website to its original state. You must also ensure that you are not deleting this file. 

common WordPress website errors


Experiencing errors on WordPress is rare, but when it happen it can be quite frustrating. These were some common WordPress website errors and how you can debug them. Contact WordPress designing company for more information.

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