Challenges Marketers Face and How To Solve Them With Digital Marketing

9 Challenges Marketers Face and How To Solve Them With Digital Marketing

What are the Challenges Marketers Face? Marketers today are constantly being presented with new ideas, platforms to promote their businesses, and technologies. These innovations can be exciting and very beneficial for marketers, but it can quickly become overwhelming to keep up with them.

While traditional marketing strategies are still viable, they no longer work for businesses. Although SEO and cold calling were effective in the 2000s, two decades later you must market to people, not search engines.

How do you achieve this? You need to create a holistic digital strategy. Also known as inbound marketing, it will help you get the most out of your investment.

9 Challenges Marketers Face and How To Solve Them With Digital Marketing

Here are 10 challenges marketers face with marketing and how you can overcome them with digital marketing.

Creating Consistent Branding

Marketing is all about branding. It’s important to establish a brand that is easily identifiable and relevant, with so many messages being thrown at consumers every day. Your business will be lost in the sea of advertisements if you don’t have consistent branding.

How can you build a strong brand? Pay attention to details. Your business’ perception is affected by everything from fonts and colors to voice and fashion. These factors should be consistent across all platforms and all messages and you will be well on your way.

Generating traffic and leads

According to HubSpot’s 2017 State of Inbound report, the number one challenge facing marketers is that it seems harder to generate traffic and leads as new platforms are created. Many business owners are too focused on social media and post dozens of times per week with no return. It can be frustrating, especially if it works for other brands.

You must first create content that your audience wants to read in order to get them interested in your message. You must first know who your target audience is before you can create content. Based on customer surveys, market research and any other relevant information, you can create buyer personas.

You can start to understand your audience and take actions that are most relevant to them. This will lead to increased traffic and leads. A campaign is the first step. They provide the foundation for lead generation, conversion and more. These are the most common pieces.

Managing Your Website

If done correctly, your website will draw in visitors and convert them into sales. No surprise that managing websites is one the most difficult tasks for modern marketers. Your website must be able to attract, nurture and convert leads. It’s useless if it doesn’t serve its purpose.

While most entrepreneurs know the importance of a website, many struggle to execute it. Website problems can include creating great content and designing a site that is easy-to-use. Many small businesses don’t have the resources or time to manage their websites.

You don’t have to settle for a website that does not do its job properly. You should consult an agency or consultant who can help you navigate the process. Ask customers for feedback on the areas where they think there are problems and areas that could be improved. 

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Securing an Effective Budget

Many companies don’t have much budget flexibility. Marketing is often not a priority, even if resources are available. But cutting your marketing budget would be like turning off your open sign. Without it, your business will not grow.

You must prove that your marketing efforts are effective in order to justify spending money. You should track your ROI and be open to trying new things if the existing ones don’t work. Ask for reports at the end of each year if you are working with a marketing agency to show how your money was being used.

Creating the Right Content

We mentioned in the second point that great content is key to generating leads and traffic. Ask your audience what problems you can solve when brainstorming content for blogs, emails, and social media posts. Your content should be targeted at a particular problem that your customers face. This will make your content more appealing and more useful.

It is important to make your customer the hero in your content. Your content is solving their problems, and making their lives easier. But think of yourself as their guide. You may have already seen the StoryBrand marketing framework.

Finding the Best Marketing Talent

Finding the right people for their team is a major challenge for many business owners and managers. It is important to have top-quality talent that doesn’t cost too much. Sometimes, however, it is not possible to hire full-time marketing professionals. You choose the less expensive option.

Perhaps it’s a college student who has no knowledge of your industry. Perhaps it is your cousin’s son who is an Instagram influencer. You end up with someone who excels in one aspect of marketing, but isn’t able to see the whole picture.

Partnering with a marketing agency is a good option, just like web design. These agencies have the best marketing pros. They can help you with everything from managing social media to writing amazing content.

You should thoroughly vet all applicants if you decide to hire in-house. You’ll have a better chance of supporting your business if someone has some experience in content creation or design. 

Determining Your Marketing ROI

The best way to measure the effectiveness of every campaign is to measure the return on investment (ROI) of marketing projects. This is also a great way to increase your marketing budget.

It’s also one of the most difficult things to do. You need to make sure that sales and marketing activities are in sync. This will allow you to measure ROI. You have many tools to do this, including CRM software and marketing software. HubSpot is an excellent tool, while software such as MailChimp or Infusionsoft may also prove useful.

This can be done in part without software. Ask new customers how they heard about your business. Are they able to see your social media posts? Did they receive an offer? Are they friends who heard about you? Keep track of the responses to find out where they are getting most traffic.

This question could be added to a survey that you send to all your customers. This will allow you to see if your marketing campaign has brought people to your door.

Training Your Team

Your marketing team should receive adequate training. It doesn’t matter if the staff is experts in their area, they should be given thorough training.

This can be done by first assessing the expertise, strengths, weaknesses, and potential contributions of each member of your team. This will give you a good starting point, and help you decide where to spend your time and money training. Next, ask your team to set quarterly personal growth goals. This could include obtaining certifications in their field of expertise, or reading a marketing book. It’s more likely that your company places education as a top priority and hires people who are interested in personal development and growth.

Facilitating Increased Customer Engagement

Marketers often neglect customers they already have. This is a big mistake, as existing customers can provide referrals and additional sales.

How can you keep customers coming back? Engage current customers with specific resources. You can automate customer engagement and offer perks to loyal customers.

Your plan could include customer satisfaction survey, a thank-you bundle for every new client, special discounts for customers, or a rewards program.

The Takeaway

Marketing can seem overwhelming. It can be overwhelming for entrepreneurs to try and navigate this on their own. You can still reach people in today’s saturated marketplace and grow your business. You just need a little knowledge and the right tools.

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