Advantages Of Personal Website For Freelancer

Are Personal Websites Worth It for Freelancers? 13 Advantages Of Personal Website For Freelancer

Advantages Of Personal Website For Freelancer. There are so many online places to build a professional profile. I'm talking sites like LinkedIn, UpWork and Behance. Do freelancers really need their own website?

The answer is simple – YES! A website is essential. For freelancers looking for work, professional profiles are essential. But a dedicated website is one of your most important assets to make your business stand out among the rest.

Your freelance website is the first step in getting clients to come to you. Your brand, portfolio, and your digital storefront are all part of your website. Websites increase your visibility and elevate your brand from a ‘$10/hour UpWork contractor to a ‘business owner.

It can seem overwhelming to start your own website, both for personal or professional purposes.

Many online platforms exist to help digital creators reach clients. Some may feel that a personal website is too difficult to reach the right audience, despite the fact that you can create a profile on any other site in a matter of minutes. We will discuss marketing options and decide if a personal website is right for you. This is the best way to build your business online and manage your online presence.

13 Advantages Of Personal Website For Freelancer

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It makes you stand out among the crowd

Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr which help prospective clients connect with freelancers, are inundated with thousands of professionals. If a client is looking for someone to do their work, they will likely choose those who have spent more time building their portfolios through such platforms. This can take months or even years. A website allows you to skip the metaphorical line and establish yourself as an expert. This results in higher quality orders and better value.

This allows you to show off your work

Freelancers can never guarantee the quality of work that they will receive. A website can be a portfolio that showcases your best work and allows potential clients to see a sample of what you have to offer. A website that showcases your work, whether you're a designer, writer, or coder, is the best way for you to attract clients who are still deciding whether you should be hired.

It increases your credibility

Credibility is of vital importance in the digital sphere. A website is a great way to build a business in a world where everyone is treated equally until proven otherwise. Clients will be more inclined to hire you and pay more if they can see your work history and get recommendations from past clients. This increases the likelihood of clients finding you and not you hunting them down for work.

This increases your reach via social media

In the noisy world of freelance work, it is crucial to make your voice heard above the rest. If you have a website, you can promote your services using popular social sites like Facebook and Medium at no added cost. As people trust service providers who have a large social media following, this will help to build a strong customer base. You can also run ads on social media to promote and increase awareness of your business.

It will help you make more money

A popular website with a high number of visitors is a gold mine. The easiest way to make money from such ventures is to run ads using Google AdSense. If your website is a reference on a specific topic, you can diversify your earning opportunities. You can make extra money by writing guest posts for other publications with the same focus as your blog about automobiles.

Digital Attention

Most people make their first impressions of a site, profile, or resume in the first 50 milliseconds. Every potential customer will make a judgement about your work in 50 milliseconds. It can be difficult to make a first impression when you are just one of many professionals on a multitude of generic business platforms.

Your personal website is more important than ever for business success in 2021. Online networking is becoming more popular for business and personal purposes. A personal website can be a modern substitute for a business card or work portfolio. It can also serve as a great resource. This is how it can help you grow your business today.

Brand Control through Content

A personal website can be fun and represent the same language and style you use in real life. A personal website can help you ‘look the part' in a digital environment. It also allows you to talk the talk. Your audience's values and needs can be reflected in content strategies, which will allow your voice to be heard on your website's platform. Click here if you're interested in learning how to build your brand.

Online Engagements under Control

You can control who, what, and how people can reach you. Are you creating this site to showcase your work to potential clients? You should make examples of your latest work on the homepage. Do you have new clients in mind? You can add a pop-up alert or static sign to alert customers about a special offer or package. Do you want this page to be fun or useful? Your design can be as interactive and funky or serious as your brand.

Make a FAQ

It is possible to help visitors understand what you offer and what kind of availability your site offers by allowing them to see the design and how it works. A Frequently Asked Questions page is one of the best ways to save time and email. If you have new questions about your products or services, you can post them on the site. This will help you understand your online brand better and allow you to save time by answering quick questions while still providing a personal response.

Automated Calendar Engagements

Automating client meetings with calendar, google calendars or other automated calendar services is a strong recommendation. Before making your link to your calendar live you must ensure that all non-working hours are blocked, including weekends. Your personal website will be a success if you have international clients. It is important to establish work/life boundaries in your website design.

Follow the Three Click Rule

Consider how you want visitors to your website to feel from the moment they first open it. It should be easy for a user to accidentally stumble onto your website and be able to understand it in three clicks. It's great if they can see that you are a software wizard or a photographer from the landing page. We can't control the timing and reasons we get traffic to our website, but we can do our best to capture organic engagement on our pages.

Follow passive engagement

First-time visitors to your website are most likely to become new clients. Therefore, you need to ensure that they have a positive experience and convert. A personal website is a great asset to platform profiles. Here are two reasons why.

  1. It ensures potential clients don't get competing offers and messages from other professionals when they return to your website. When they view your website, you have their full attention.
  2. You can use Google Analytics and understand who, when, and why people are looking for your webpage. This will allow you to see which pages people are most likely to click on in order to help you understand the value of your website.

Get creative with the platform

There are many options available to you when it comes to personal websites. You can express yourself with ease, but there is no need to be complicated. In order to continue getting work, clients must be able to see your website within 50 milliseconds.

A personal website can help you make your brand clearer and bring in clients who enjoy the online experience and want more. Get started today and watch what happens over the next year.


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