When looking for information on the internet, you get bombarded with many websites offering you same thing. In order to stand out in this competition, you need to rank for specific keywords related to your website. But first you need to understand what a keyword is and how you can find perfect ones for your site.

What are SEO keywords?

The SEO keywords and phrases are the words and phrases that will help make it possible to locate your website through search engines without having to type out a whole lot of text. A well optimized website for search engines therefore “speaks the same language” as its potential visitor base using keywords that help link searchers to you website.

In other words, when someone types in something related to what they’re looking for in the search engine, they’ll be able to quickly navigate through your website and get what they’re looking for. Let’s take a look at some SEO keyword phrases to help you get the maximum benefit from them.

These keywords should not be too difficult to research and learn as they’re frequently used by major search engines and can usually be found on their own websites. Some popular search engine keywords include:

Search Engine Optimized Websites (SEO) – This phrase refers to the search engine optimization. It’s simply the process of making sure your website is searchable by search engines. The goal of SEO is to gain as much traffic to your website and improve its rankings. A high ranking website will also gain more exposure because people will see your website listed more often in the search results.

Popular Search Engine Optimized (SEO) – When people are searching for something online, they want to find the most relevant information or results. Search engines use the keywords you place into their engines as clues as to what the searcher was looking for and rank the results based on these keyword searches.

Linking – Search engine ranking is improved when other sites share links with your own. Sites like Yahoo, Bing and Google allow you to post links to your website to further promote your website. These sites place the links on their pages. They also place keywords related to your website within these links, such as the word “links” advertising.”

Keyword Rich Content – When a search engine user types in a keyword related to what they’re looking for in the search results, they’ll see what comes up as results. One popular way for a company to gain higher search engine rankings is to add relevant content to their website. This will result in more traffic coming to their site and increase its ranking. They can use articles, press releases, video and blog posts to show off their products and services.

By implementing this strategy, you will enable your site to rank better than your rivals’ site. In this guide, I will help you to find the best SEO keywords on which you can rank and build effective content. Once if you read this guide, you will know a whole new world of strategic SEO.

What terms are individuals looking for?

You are running a business and know what you do, but the question is how does your target market look for the item, services, or data you give? Knowing answer to this inquiry is a pivotal initial phase in the process of keyword research done right.

Finding keywords

You likely have a couple of keywords as a top priority that you might want to rank for. These will be things like your items, services, or different topics of blogs. Enter your keywords into a keyword research tool to find normal month to month search volume and comparative keywords. It can enable you to figure out which varieties of your keywords are most well known among web searchers.

When you enter keywords into a keyword research tool, you will start to find different keywords, regular inquiries, and topics for your content that you may have missed.

Let’s use example of online gift shop that specialises in anniversary gifts.

Typing “anniversary” and “online gift” into the tool, you may find significant and related terms, for example,

  • anniversary gifts
  • anniversary gifts for him
  • anniversary gifts for husband
  • anniversary gifts for wife

During the time spent finding important keywords to rank, you will see that the search volume of those keywords changes significantly. While you target terms that your potential customers is looking for, now and again, it might be increasingly beneficial to target terms with lower search volume since they’re far less competitive and easy to rank for.

Both high-and low-competitive keywords can be favourable for your site. Getting familiar with volume of the search terms can enable you to organize keywords and pick the ones best for your site.

How frequently are those keywords looked? – Revealing search volume

More the search volume for a given keyword, the more work is normally required to accomplish higher rankings. This is known as keyword difficulty in SEO. Most of the time, big brands frequently take up the first 10 outcomes for high-volume keywords, so in case you are a beginner on the web and pursuing similar keywords, the daunting struggle for positioning can require long periods of exertion.

Normally, the higher search volume, the more challenging and effort required for ranking on organic search. Go excessively low, and you risk not attracting any web searchers to your site. By and large, it might be most favourable to target highly relevant and, low competitive search terms. In SEO, we call those long-tail keywords.

Choosing keywords by season and region

Since you’ve found best keywords for your site and their search volumes, you can get more strategic by checking out your rivals and making sense of how searches may vary via season or area.

Keywords by season

Thinking about seasonal trends can be good in setting a content strategy. For instance, if you that “Diwali gifts” begins to spike in October and November in India, then you can plan content ahead of time and give it a major push around those months.

Keywords by region 

You can more deliberately focus on a particular area by narrowing down your keyword research to towns, areas, or states. Geo research can help make your content according to the readers’ interest based on their location. Try to rank on them and gets the attention of local people who are looking for your products and services on Google.


With right tools and research techniques, you can find the most relevant keywords to rank on, for your website. Best SEO expert India makes your job easy by providing offering comprehensive SEO services. I hope I have covered every aspect related to SEO keywords research in this blog. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment section.


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