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Domain Authority Vs. Domain Rating: What Is The Difference Between DA & DR?

In this blog, we will compare – Domain Authority Vs. Domain Rating.

Every industry in the world has its own set of fundamental principles that can be used to assess a company's credibility and compare it with others. Similar to the SEO industry, DA or DR is one of the most important parameters. They help with website analysis and comparisons with other sites in the same niche.

Competitive analysis: Importance of Domain Authority Vs. Domain Rating

  • It is helpful to assess a website in order to determine how well it has been practicing SEO.
  • It allows you to analyze multiple websites and take backlinks.
  • This helps you to understand how spammy the website is
  • It allows brands and businesses to advertise their products or services via different websites.

What is Domain Authority?

DA is an abbreviation of Domain authority, it has been developed by Moz. Moz has gathered around 40 factors. Some are well-known, while others are not. This allows Moz to verify the website's quality.

Moz uses these 40 factors to assess the credibility of the website in a numeric scale, ranging from 0-100. Zero is low quality, while 100 is high quality. Domain Authority is only meant to provide an indication of a site’s ranking ability. Therefore, it shouldn't be your sole goal to have a high DA score. DA should not be used as a predictor for your SERP rankings.

If you own a gym and want to rank your site higher than your competitors', it would be smart to check out the DA scores of your competitor's sites and try to get a higher score. However, this is not the right amount of DA you should be obsessing about. Ranking at the top of SERPs does not just mean Domain Authority.

Domain Authority Vs. Domain Rating

Here are some of the most important factors known:

  • Domain age
  • Website traffic volume
  • Quantitative and total number of backlinks
  • Spam score
  • Social signals
  • Linking root domains

What is the importance of DA?

  • One of the greatest benefits of DA scores is that it informs a webmaster/SEO team about the progress of their SEO campaign.
  • Similar to the above, a webmaster who knows how his/her website's DA score has changed can increase his/her revenues through SEO strategies such as selling guest posts.
  • But, many people are not aware that DA is a ranking factor.
  • But to clear out any misunderstandings, let's see what Google has to say about it. “Domain Authority” is not a Google metric that determines search rankings. It has no impact on the SERPs.

DA is not a ranking factor in Google, that's for sure. If someone considers DA as a ranking factor, it could be that a website has higher rankings. However, there are many other factors involved in ranking higher on SERPs. DA is a key factor in SEO. It helps to support a campaign and provides measurable results.

Webmasters must measure the results of their SEO campaigns. This can be done by using a DA checker.

How can you check the Domain Authority of a website?

There are many DA checking tools online, but they lack privacy and quality. It is important to find the right tool for your purpose. Here are the top 5 DA-checking tools recommended by SEO experts.

MOZ DA Checker

Moz is Domain authority's mother company, so Moz knows Domain authority better than anyone. Other DA-checkers may miss some parameters, as only a small number of the 40 are known to experts.

Moz is able to check a website's authority in all directions and will give you the best result. This is something that no other DA-checker can do, at least not until all 40 factors are revealed.

Prepostseo DA checker

Prepostseo da is a favorite choice for experts who want to verify the domain authority of websites and conduct SEO campaigns. Prepostseo is an expert in many additional tools that are used worldwide for various purposes, including plagiarism checker, article editor, paraphrasing tool, and so on.

Domain authority is the only place where no competitor can stand in his path. There are two main reasons why this is so:

  • This domain authority checking tool is of high quality and analyzes the authority of a website by checking its quality, number of linking root domains and no pages being indexed on Google.
  • Second, the tool has the most recent programming to check bulk domains in one go.

This tool is free to use and does not require an email subscription.

Tips to increase website domain authority

  • Use SEO-friendly content marketing strategies
  • Create niche and relevant content
  • Write for other websites to interlinking with other high authoritative websites in the same niche, which is called guest posting
  • High-quality backlinks can be obtained from top websites in your niche through different markets or personal relationships
  • Your website should be free from broken or bad links
  • Promote your content on different social media networks
  • Optimize your website to be mobile-friendly and other features.

What is Domain Rating?

Ahrefs developed it as a ranking numeric metric. It is also ranked from 0-100. It shows how strong a website's backlink profile is. Google also doesn't consider domain rating as a ranking factor. High DR websites can rank high on Google SERPs. This is due to the website's credibility in Google's algorithm ranking factors.

Domain Authority Vs. Domain Rating

It is still a key indicator when someone is looking to get backlinks from multiple websites or traffic from Google search. Domain Rating is, just to be clear has no direct effect on Google page ranking. Websites with high DR rank higher on SERPs because they score well in Google's ranking algorithm (it's not causation, it's correlation). Nevertheless, DR can still be a useful tool for gauging a website’s performance. Its ability to drive traffic through Google searches.

Why is Domain Rating important?

Google clearly states that domain rating does not only affect Google's ranking of websites on SERPs. However, Google's individual measurement of URL links to a site's website DR aligns with Google rankings better than the Domain rating for the entire website.

Domain rating is important, but it should not be ignored. A strong backlink strategy can only achieve a high DR. Webmasters must compare all websites when deciding on a link-building strategy.

DR, however, can still be an important metric. It can help to build connections and improve search rankings in various ways. A high DR website, on the other hand can benefit from its own link juice through internal linking. Webmasters can link to their own web pages. This will strengthen weak links and help them rank higher in SERPs. This will increase a website's Domain rating.

How do you calculate DR?

We consider the following factors when calculating DR:

  • Higher domain DR means more link juice is transferred to linked domains.
  • The source domain divides its rating among the domains it links with. A DR-10 domain that links to three domains can have a greater impact on your DR than a DR80 domain linking to a million domains.

How you can check the Domain Rating score for a website?

There are many tools online that can check DA or DR, but none are perfect to accurately measure these metrics. Moz's DA tool, however, is the best for DA. Similarly, Ahref's DR tool is the optimal choice to gauge this metric.

This Ahref is preferred by many top experts over third-party tools, as it performs an exhaustive website crawl. Ahref seems more transparent than Moz for Domain score. It looks at the quality and not the data on a website. This makes it easier to perform a competitive analysis. This tool allows webmasters to determine the value of a website in terms backlinks and overall health.


In terms of SEO, Domain Authority Vs. Domain Rating is a very important metric, but taking these metrics as a ranking factor solely can be a misconception.

It’s essential to see the other side of the picture, although these metrics can help in creating strong backlink strategies and help in measuring SEO efforts invested in a website.


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