Article Submission in SEO

What Is Article Submission in SEO? 4 Best Article Submission Sites

Article submission in SEO allow businesses to publish and promote their content on article viewing platforms. This helps increase the site's traffic and search engine rank.

Search engine rankings can be further improved by including the correct keywords in the content. This technique can help increase awareness about the brand, services as well as products.

Article submission is a great way to increase traffic to your website. This is an off-page Search Engine Optimization technique (SEO). Submitting an article allows you to run a campaign with no need to pay for paid advertising techniques such as Google AdWords.

What is Article Submission in SEO?

This is an off-page SEO technique that allows you to write and publish the article on a third-party website. These are the best way to make high-quality DoFollow links directed to your blog or website. This helps increase traffic and improves the domain authority.

You can also post unique, high-quality content to article directories in order to gain PageRank and authority backlinks. You can quickly gain backlinks to your blog by posting articles to article directories.

Article submission is also part of content marketing. This means that you create articles about your business and then upload them to well-known article submission sites. Article submission is a process where people submit articles that relate to an online product.

Article Submission in SEO

Nofollow and Dofollow Links – Which One Should You Choose?

Backlinking simply refers to the process by which search engine bots link to different websites. This is a great opportunity for content marketers to leverage by adding do-follow hyperlinks to their blogs or websites on popular article submission sites. What are these no-follow and do-follow links?

Dofollow refers to any link that allows visitors or search engines to view another website via the link. If your website has do-follow links that are accessible on websites of higher domain value, they can help improve your search engine ranking. If people click on the links, they can increase traffic.

Nofollow links don't allow search engines to follow your link and thus have no direct impact on your site's position in search engine results pages. They do allow you to increase your visibility through article submission websites.

Your chances of getting do-follow organic links to increase once your content is well-known.

Different Types of Article Submission Sites

It is important to note that there are two major types of such websites:

1. Paid Article Submission

These sites will charge a minimal editorial fee for publishing your content. You can partner with these sites for sponsored content.

2. Free Article Submission

The article submission sites are free. To increase your domain's value and to earn do-follow or non-follow links, you can use this site to push your link leveraging agenda.

Advantages of Article Submission in SEO

Companies and businesses can use a variety of tactics to boost the popularity and traffic to their websites. These methods include email marketing, SEO, and social media marketing. The type of audience a company wishes to attract will determine the techniques that are used. Article submission is one of the newest methods of digital advertising.

Article submission is one of the most popular and effective off-page SEO strategies. This is the act of submitting high-quality articles about your blog to high-quality websites. Sending articles has one purpose: to increase traffic to your blog and to make it more popular.

Marketing and article submission allows a business to publish their content as well as promote it on article viewing websites. This helps increase the site's traffic and improves search engine rankings.

The right keywords can be used to improve the search engine rank. This technique can help increase awareness about the brand and products.

The potential for article submission as a digital marketing instrument is bound to grow in the future. However, it's not likely that it will become obsolete. 

Article Submission in SEO

These are just a few of the perks that article submission sites offer:

1. Free Marketing and Exposure:

No business can be successful without getting potential customers, and it requires marketing exposure to get noticed. So, article submission will allow you to gain a lot of exposure among the masses and your targeted audience without any cost. Articles can be submitted to numerous sites, social networking sites, blogs, forums, and so on. It will help in gaining a lot of exposure for your business.

2. Generate Leads And Revenue:

It is easy to get leads and sales through article submission. Article submission is a great way to make your brand viral and reach targeted audiences if you don't have a website. It is one of the dominant SEO tools which help in generating leads for your business. Today most businesses have been using article submission and also benefiting from it. By submitting high-quality and unique articles, you can increase traffic to your site and keep it coming.

3. Increases Traffic:

Your website's traffic will be boosted by the links you include in your author bio box of the body of the article. Once the article is approved by the website owner, you will be able to get high-quality traffic to your blog. You can share the content or repost it on social media to increase your audience and customers.

4. Your business credibility increases: 

Article submission websites also allow you to describe your business and yourself through the author bio box located at the end of each article. For advertising products, you can include keywords and detailed descriptions. You can also include a link to your blog in this box.

It is possible to increase your domain authority by submitting your blog or article on a third-party site and adding an author bio that includes an external link to your site. This will benefit you because it allows people to know more about your business.

5. Viral Marketing:

If your article is both informative and high quality, visitors and readers are more likely to share it. Because of its quality, some site owners might like your article and allow you to use it on their website. These SEO activities can be used as viral marketing by sharing your content over the internet. This will increase your visibility and accessibility. Viral marketing is possible by sharing high-quality articles on the Internet.

6. Backlinks for your Website:

Backlinks can be very important to drive free traffic to your site via search engines. More articles mean more backlinks to your website. These will eventually be noticed by search engine spiders, and your site will appear at the top of their SERPs. It will also help in increasing the domain authority or DA of your website.

Article submission in SEO is a great way to generate high-quality backlinks and traffic to your site. This helps improve the ranking of keywords on your website in various search engines.

Things to Consider Before Article Submission

There are many article directories that accept articles in a wide range of categories. However, it is important to choose a category that is directly related to your website's content. This is a powerful marketing strategy that targets visitors to your website.

You should also understand that many articles are submitted to directories and article sites. Only a small percentage of articles submitted to directories and article sites actually drive significant traffic to the websites they are linked to. It is important to ask yourself the following question: What unique information can you provide that will be most valuable to your readers?

These are additional things you should consider before you submit your articles to attract readers and drive traffic to your website.

  • Provide valuable content! Ask yourself, “Would I like to read this?” Next, ask yourself if you feel inspired to do something after reading this article. This is what you call your “call to action”. Writing that is well-written influences readers' behavior.
  • Keep your article's content short. Split large articles into multiple articles if you have a lot of content.
  • Keep your title brief and relevant to the content of the article.
  • Keep your article title close to your main keywords. Google will give more importance to article titles that are shorter than the keywords on your website.

Guidelines for Article Submission on Top Article Submission Sites

Submission of articles, while simple, can sometimes be difficult.

This SEO technique is not for everyone. There are many things to consider. Below are some key guidelines to help you remember all of the important elements.

(i). It is essential to create a list of article submission websites that have high DA.

(iii) Registering on any website is a requirement. Fill in your details, including your email address.

(iii). You also need to indicate the appropriate category in which your blog is placed, such as beauty or education.

(iv). It is always a good idea to include your website's link and any keywords within the author description box.

(v) It is crucial to submit an article that is interesting and compelling. People are more likely to skim over long articles. It is important to keep the article short and simple.

(vi) Keywords are crucial to any article as they help you attract people to your site. It is important to use the keywords you have chosen in your content.

(viii) After the writing process is complete, proofread and edit the article before you submit it to the article submission websites that you have shortlisted.

(viii). The moderator will review your article and decide whether or not it should be published. If your article is approved, you will receive an email from the site informing you.

Best Article Submission Sites

1. Medium

Medium is a popular platform that allows you to share your content with millions. There are many categories, including Technology, Gaming, Design, Beauty, and Gaming. Moreover, Medium also allows you to create your own subdomain like “”.


DA: 95

PA: 83

Alexa Rank: 117

Traffic: 175 Million

2. EzineArticles

EzineArticles is one of the popular article submission sites all around the world that allows you to submit articles for free. It is compatible with nearly every type of business. EzineArticles has more than 360k experts who contribute informative articles to the platform. This website is known for its content promotion. This website offers a variety of content for readers to choose from. This website can be used for content promotion and marketing. It has a large audience, and the best thing is that it's free.


DA: 86

PA: 74

Alexa Rank: 6122

Traffic: 1 Million

3. Sooper Articles

Sooper Articles allows you to upload your content and gain more exposure worldwide. Sooper Articles has articles on Real Estate, Technology, Website Development, Beauty, and Home Improvement.

DA: 53

PA: 60

Alexa Rank: 8,729

Traffic: 73.5k

4. YourStory 

YourStory is India's biggest platform dedicated to the startup ecosystem via entrepreneurship-related stories, resources, products, and so on.

DA: 86

DR: 52

Alexa Rank: 2997

Traffic: 73.5k

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