E-commerce websites are the ideal interaction of sellers and buyers. Businesses and sellers today do not need to worry about how to expand their services and products to the highest audience as sites are accessible beyond boundaries and customers can also buy their choice of merchandise by putting a purchase from anywhere at any moment. So, which platform is ideal between Shopify and Magento for an E-Commerce Website Development? We will learn more about that in this blog.

The craze of e-commerce sites has resulted in the rise of a challenging situation one of the programmers to pick from thousands of e-commerce platforms available on the market. The primary condition of an online store is to develop the suitable functionality to produce the site user friendly.

Among so many options available in the current market, developers are in praise for two most trending platforms Shopify and Magento for growing online retail websites.

Let us concentrate on some comprehensive features of both of these platforms that make them unique amongst others.



• Shopify is thought of as the most dependable e-commerce site for building a simple to use online retail site.

• Shopify presents easy coding in HTML and CSS.

• Website constructed on Shopify platform is user-friendly with simple drag and drop interface and many such simple features offering the user a seamless user experience.

• Shopify takes couple of minutes to set up an entire e-commerce shop.

• The platform is ideal for non-technical people and tiny companies as it's a hosted platform one don't have to upgrade the modules or fretting about the technical complications.

• With the easy interface, Shopify provides the merchants to easily create and manage categories, to add products without causing any significant complications. It offers the search engine optimization professionals to edit'title','tags','meta description','pages' etc..

• Shopify offers 24*7 active customer care. Customers with issues can get to the support team anytime via e-mail, chat, and telephones.

• Retailers also get directed by Shopify to keep their site in a good form.


• Though Shopify offers more than million templates and themes but the price selection of premium theme is quite significant.

• The advanced plan of Shopify though supplies the merchants to make promotions and offers, the fundamental plan does not support discount and sales.



• Magento is ideal for tech-savvy online retailers for generating unlimited opportunities.

• Magento provides the retailers to manage the servers in their where they can make changes in line with the requirement.

• Magento offers the cheapest options in selecting themes and templates that are a significant user- friendly and responsive to any layouts.

• The simple version of Magento assists in making better sales by offering cross-selling, up-selling and product comparison features.

• Magento is extremely SEO optimized.

• Magento is ideal for large businesses and demands a one-time investment on server and store growth.


• For non-technical folks choosing Magento is a complete thumb down as the platform isn't that user- friendly.

• Magento is completely free but one may have to bear extra price for those plug-ins in addition to paying monthly fees to the hosting supplier.

• The major drawbacks of Magento are the lack of active customer support system. An individual may find it difficult to solve technical problems or may need to partner with a Magento forum or may have to solve the problem on their own.

Magento Vs Shopify – Which One Is Best For Your E-commerce Business?

Developing an attractive and user friendly e-commerce site will always be the priority for the developers and engineers and choosing the right platform would be the ultimate secret to whooping success in online retail organization.

Would you need to enter the online market and supply a new avenue for your customers to store and buy? Giving an online presence to your own brick and mortar shop is now possible with a plethora of e-commerce platforms, the most common being Shopify and Magento.

Shopify and Magento Community Edition are favored by a majority to produce and manage online shops. If it comes to choosing the ideal platform for your online shop, the competition is tough. Nonetheless, you may make a decision after understanding a variety of aspects of the e-commerce platforms.

The Price

A good small business owner thinks about ROI because, in the end, it is a significant factor that makes a company successful. The basic Shopify plan begins at $29 per month. There is also an option called Shopify Lite that's accessible for only $9 a month. There are many different Shopify plans to assist business owners select one that suits them the best.

On the flip side, Magento is free-open source software. The community variant of Magento is free of cost. Plus, you will simply need to pay for hosting your store online. If you are not well-versed with PHP, then you'll have to employ a Magento programmer. The expense of hiring a programmer varies according to your own requirements.

Shopify charges you transaction fees if you do not utilize their payment gateway and also elect for a third party option. Ordinarily, for the fundamental plan the fees are 2% of the trade. When it comes to Magento, the prices are set according to the payment gateway which you use as well as the plan that you select for your company.

The Inventory

As a business owner in today's world, you are aware that inventory management is a challenge. Whenever you're ready to choose your shop on the internet, you need to have one stock database which lets you handle different marketplaces and channels easily.

Shopify is helpful for handling inventory to your brick and mortar store as well as the online shop. The e-commerce platform has capabilities that will assist you sell on important social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Magento presents real freedom of personalization. You can integrate with lots of channels as well as internet portals that you consider ideal for expanding your company. There are several extensions available in the market that will assist you personalize your stock database in accordance with your requirement.

The advantage of working with Magento is that it provides customized integrations. It is helpful once you're looking to provide unique personalized offers to your clients on the grounds of the purchase history.

You can even consider unique rates for various locations and introduce flash sales with Magento. When you need complete control over inventory management, Magento is your thing to do.


If you are a small mom and pop store looking to go on the internet, you can consider Shopify since it is a rather straightforward e-commerce portal. Even if you don't have any understanding about making an online site, Shopify can make things simpler for you. It is user-friendly and convenient to use, whereas you will need a Magento development company in India to create a fully-functional online shop with the software.

Remember that Magento proves to be somewhat technical in its approach but once you become used to it, it won't end up being an obstacle for you.

And, when you want to create a comprehensive online store that comprises all your products, Magento must be your choice. It is perfect for large retail shops in addition to home-based companies looking to expand their marketplace.

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