Productivity Hacks For Content Marketers

5 Productivity Hacks For Content Marketers

What are the Productivity Hacks For Content Marketers? Productivity is a valuable and aggressively pursued skill in the workplace. We work an average of more hours than any other industrialized country in the world. They work longer hours, take fewer vacations and go to work even when they are sick.

Many people don’t have the option to choose this, it’s what they must do to survive. However, for some, the cult that productivity is all-powerful has been idolized by businesses across the country.

5 Productivity Hacks For Content Marketers

Productivity Tip #1 – Eliminate distractions

It is amazing how much you can accomplish if you stop procrastinating, and get down to work. I can usually create a blog post of 2,000 words in few days. Writing a blog post can become difficult if you add in distractions like email and meetings.

Write something if you have to sit down. Don’t check your email. Limit the number of meetings you have. Refrain from tweeting about how productive your meetings are. Get down to work and do it.

RescueTime is the tool to help you do it.

RescueTime is a great option if you find yourself constantly checking the headlines and looking at Twitter while you should be writing.

The software tracks your computer usage and displays information about how you are spending your time. You can also choose to block sites for a specific time period, receive alerts, track your progress, and use other productivity tools.

Do not lose sleep worrying about how much work you have “lost” or what you could accomplish in a given time period. Use RescueTime to do some work so that you can get out and live your life at 5 p.m.

Productivity Hacks For Content Marketers

Productivity Tip #2 – Simplify your Writing Environment

While using a typewriter may not be practical for content marketers, there are many ways to simplify your writing environment. Google Drive is a great tool for writing. It’s only one tab away from endless distractions. Navigating the complexities of Microsoft Word can feel like a punishing experience. You still have to write content if you want to publish it. So what can you do instead? You must get rid of everything that is preventing you from writing your copy.

OmmWriter is the tool to help you do it.

OmmWriter was something I was initially skeptical about. After just a few days, however, I was convinced. OmmWriter is great for writing projects that require serious progress.

OmmWriter is a minimalist, easy-to-use writing program. It offers a Zen-like experience with a simple interface. OmmWriter’s interface actually disappears while you are writing, leaving only a soothing background, a cursor and an optional soundtrack.

OmmWriter is a wonderful tool for drafting. OmmWriter is a great tool for drafting. I will often complete the bulk of an OmmWriter rough draft before moving it to another program for restructuring and polishing. Although it doesn’t support image insert, hyperlinking or any other features that you would expect from a word process, it excels in removing obstacles between you, the first draft, and your final draft.

Productivity Tip #3 – Be Ruthlessly Organized

Disorganization is faster than any other way to waste time.

You will need to spend more time searching for links, articles or other relevant information to complete your white paper/post. More work equals more time. This works well if you are paid per hour. But if your job is salaried or freelance, this is almost death. You must be great fast if you want to succeed as a content writer.

Evernote Web Clipper is the tool to help you do it

A blog post about productivity is incomplete without Evernote. Particularly, I recommend the Web Clipper tool which makes Evernote even better.

Evernote’s Web Clipper can be a blessing for longer and more detailed writing projects. You can save virtually any information you find online – text, images, video, multimedia and.gifs about cats – to easily access bulletin boards that you can later review.

Web Clipper can sync across multiple devices. This means you don’t have to email links to yourself anymore or search for the graph you missed. You can also access your desktop from your phone if you clip and find something. A Web Clipper button can be added to your web browser to allow you to save everything that you need quickly and easily for your next hit content project.

Productivity Tip #4 – Get in the Zone and Stay There

Most people have experienced “the zone”, a state of hyperconcentration where time seems to slow down and you do more than you thought possible. It’s a magical state that self-help productivity “gurus”, who are often referring to it as “the zone”, love. Finding the right zone is one thing, but staying there is quite another.

To be able to concentrate and stay in the zone, you need a certain atmosphere. Despite the serious negative effects such offices can have on workers’ mental well-being, it is difficult to remove external distractions from modern offices.

Rainy Mood is the tool to help you do it

Get a good pair of headphones. Next, fire up your word processor/laptop and open Rainy in another tab (minimized).

Rainy Mood allows you to listen to a looped track that simulates a severe rainstorm. Although it might not sound very exciting, you will be amazed at how the sound of rain and thunder can drown out office noises. If the rain doesn’t block out your noisy coworkers, you can set music to play in background.


Are you not a fan Rainy Mood’s? Do you prefer the quiet of conversation and the buzz of the latte machine machines? Coffitivity is a site similar to RainyMood, which offers the soothing ambience of a coffee shop.

There are many settings available for Coffitivity to suit different tastes. You can choose to have the site play the quiet background music of a coffee shop in the morning, or the louder sounds of a university cafeteria at lunch. Coffitivity may be the solution if you want to experience the coffee shop atmosphere without worrying about your laptop being stolen.

Productivity Tip #5 – Conquer Your To Do List

You’re terrible at multitasking, admit it.

We are all capable of doing multiple things at once, don’t worry. Many studies show that humans are not designed to do multiple tasks at once. Instead of dwelling on your limitations and beating yourself up about it, accept them and move on with your day by using a to do list program.

The tool(s) that will help you do it: Todoist

Todoist, despite its name, is one of the most popular list management apps on the market. Todoist is available in free and premium versions. Todoist premium requires an annual $29 subscription fee. Todoist has many great tools to help you keep track of everything. It can sync across multiple devices and integrates with almost all programs (even Mozilla’s old email client Thunderbird). It’s a solid to-do management tool that will help you get more done at work.

Todoist can be robust and feature-rich, but it may not be enough for minimalists. is a free alternative that offers all the features you need, but without the extra bells and whistles. is a great tool that I use all the time. You can add tasks, create reminders, flag items by importance, and then swipe across each task to complete it. Then, you’ll feel the immense satisfaction of having a complete to-do listing. What else do you need?

Take Care of Your Business

We all work harder and for longer hours these days. But it doesn’t have be this way. These tips and tools should have provided you with some inspiration on how to get more done at work so that you can spend more quality time with those you love, and doing the things you truly enjoy.

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