6 Most Popular WordPress Themes of 2019

In the business world with so much cut-throat competition, you need a unique web design to stand out. The major challenge is creating a web design that is not only engaging but also retains customers and garners new ones. The sure shot way towards the success of your business lies in creative and out of box website design. High quality and informative website will ensure the flow of customers and generate revenue.

If you have chosen WordPress as your web development platform, then you have made an ideal choice. Hire WordPress Design Company India to help design seamless websites. WordPress offers a wide of variety of theme that you can buy or avail for free. With the right theme, you can modify the way your website looks, without modifying the underlying code. It allows you to control how your site is displayed. A WordPress theme is a collection of a considerable number of files that work to produce a graphic interface for web design. These pre-built themes save you from the hassle of writing codes that in turn save your precious time.

In WordPress Theme Directory, over 10,000 themes are available. It’s quite a difficult task to find the best WordPress theme that will suit your business needs. Its often wondered that a single WordPress theme could fit all the business. The answer is yes. You can work with various multi-purpose themes that fit any kind of website. They offer a much higher level of flexibility and a good number of features that is just right for your business.

Choosing the right theme for your site is crucial that will make a huge difference in your business growth. If you are looking for the best multi-purpose theme for your site, then this blog will help you out to pick some most popular WordPress themes. Depending on your website you can pick the best themes that will suit your needs. Having all said let’s take a quick look at what WordPress has to offer in multipurpose theme department.

The Be Theme

This theme is versatile and a powerhouse of the WordPress themes. One cannot question its unlimited flexibility and massive collection of 400+ pre-built templates. It’s the main reason that set this theme apart from all other themes on WordPress. The Be Theme is fully responsive and is loaded with multiple features for design. It is an ideal selection for any small or startup business. It offers various multi-page templates as well as single page templates. Also, you don’t need much customisation with this theme. It is easy to work with and can be easily bought and installed in your servers.

There are thousands of theme from which you can buy from, but I personally recommend Be Theme which is not only powerful about also affordable. Instead of starting from the beginning, you can choose this theme so that you can get a head start for your business project.

Avada Theme

The next in the list which is my personal favourite is Avada theme. It has been the number 1 selling WordPress theme for more than 6 years. The multi-purpose them comes with more than 255+ pre-designed templates and 40+ fully designed featured website. The Avada theme is the complete packages theme for your business. It has to offer powerful customisation tools, limitless designs, responsive framework, and support. This theme gives you an opportunity to build virtually any design style. Also, Avada doesn’t require much custom coding. You can choose from many design template to for creating your website.

You can use the page builder that comes with the theme to drag and drop the items and customise your website as per your needs. The Avada theme can get you started on your business project as fast as you want.

2) You also won’t own your blog

In case of free hosting, you don’t really own your blog. It’s facilitated on another person’s web property. The bad part is that they can delete it whenever they want to. They have done as such before, and continue doing it later on. Which means all your diligent work, every one of those endless and long blog posts may get erased within seconds.

With a self-hosted blog under your domain name, you are the only owner of your blog. You’ll have the option to name your blog and post anything you desire. You can end it web additions such as .com, .co.in, .net, and so on.

Megatron Theme

Megatron is another multipurpose WordPress theme, packed with various features and pre-built templates. You can literally design any type of website imaginable with this theme. Also, this theme is completely responsive and will suit your business needs


It is another powerhouse of WordPress themes, which is highly flexible and feature-rich created by Themify. Ultra uses the most potent page builder Themify builder that will help you to build any type of the website for your business. It offers a simple drag and drop interface that lets you customise the theme as per your needs.

Ultra theme offers more than 10 demo sites that can be installed with 1 click. You just have to replace the demo content with your own writings. Most common websites that you can create form this theme are for agency, restaurant, wedding, eCommerce, and photography websites. Ultra theme provides you with more than 30 pre-designed templates that are consist of modules, demo content and image background. All you have the do is pick the template for your choice and start building your website. You can hire a WordPress developer to modify the theme according to your business needs.


It is a highly flexible theme which comes with a wide array of features to customise. You can use these flexible features to create any website you want. This theme is based on page builder; therefore creating a website is fun and easy.

This theme offers more than 30 pre-built websites that you can import from a single click. With this theme, you can easily put portfolios, pricing table management, and other custom elements.


It is the most customisation theme in the market that can be used by any kind of business. The7 offers more than 1000 design options and give you author to even customise the tiniest details of your website appearance. It also integrates easily with plugins.

I hope you can now easily find multipurpose WordPress theme for your site. You can contact the Website designing company in Faridabad to make sure your website is custom designed that resonates with your brand.

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