Best Free Video Editing Tools

7 Best Free Video Editing Tools In 2022

Know about the Best Free Video Editing Tools. Did you know that video marketing can increase your ROI, boost your brand's visibility, and boost your advertising budget? All you require is a spark of imagination and a good smartphone or PC and, perhaps, an effective video editing program. However, where can you find a reliable video editor that's well priced or even for free?

The article we've collected the top free video editor software for novices, carefully looking at their capabilities, user-friendliness, ease of use, and capabilities, including audio effects, video effects, and the various file formats that are supported. 

Best Free Video Editing Tools

VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad is a no-cost full-featured video editing program developed with NCH Software for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android users. It has a simple user interface, making it ideal for novices who are making their first steps into the field of editing video in multimedia or for small-scale businesses starting out with video marketing. With an impressive collection of video and audio optimization instruments, VideoPad makes video editing easy.

The greatest thing is that with VideoPad, editing 360-degree video is as simple as editing conventional films. However, adding narrations to 360-degree videos is an intimidating task, particularly for those who are new. With over 50 different images and effects that transition, VideoPad is the application that you require to provide your social or marketing videos with a professional appearance.

Best Free Video Editing Tools

VideoPad's Key Features

  1. It allows 3D and 360-degree editing of videos.
  2. It comes with an easy and user-friendly interface.
  3. It has various animations, visual effects and transitions.
  4. It provides digital audio tools.
  5. It is compatible with popular videos in a variety of formats.
  6. It lets users export video files to file or disk.


Our first pick is Moovly which is an easy-to-use video editing tool that lets you create professional educational, business, and other videos. This platform is accessible online and offers users the tools necessary to make high-quality videos that can be uploaded and shared on the most popular video streaming platforms, including YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook.

For editing videos, Moovly provides tools for the complete customization of your content. This includes splitting and/or trimming videos, rotating, resizing the video, cropping it, and altering the playback and audio speed. Other advanced features include looping videos, including music tracks that overlay, incorporating subtitles, as well as applying the ability to speak text.

Key Features of Moovly

  1. It comes with templates ready-made.
  2. It includes a library of royalty-free multimedia objects.
  3. The videos on this site are YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook-ready.
  4. It is a text-to-speech technology.
  5. Users are able to collaborate on video projects by joining user groups. can be described as an internet-based platform for video marketing, perfect for small-scale businesses that want to create video content that is unique. Its features let users make and embed video advertisements and video clips for promotional purposes.

The platform includes an extensive library of stock video footage and music that could assist users in creating professional-looking videos to advertise the products or services. Users can also select from a range of layouts and animations in order to create videos that are more entertaining and efficient. With the platform, marketing teams are able to easily upload videos to various social media channels, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Features of

  1. It includes an extensive library of royalty-free video footage and pictures.
  2. It comes with integrated video hosting.
  3. It lets users quickly share videos on social media platforms.
  4. It automatically generates embed codes for video.
  5. It is a system that provides automated captioning features.
  6. It includes an engine for landing pages.
Benefits of video content marketing


Lumen5 is an editing and video-making platform that was designed to help businesses increase engagement and traffic through innovative videos. The main benefit of Lumen5 in comparison to other video editor programs is its AI-powered editing capabilities that can rapidly convert blogs and articles into video. Apart from helping in the creation of storyboards, the software's AI-powered technology can also help users to align content with an appropriate layout and improve video's message with appropriate music and graphics.

The platform also has options to allow users to create films from scratch. The platform has an extensive selection of video templates, be it to be used for Instagram stories or education, marketing, or YouTube. Users can further personalize their videos to match their brand by selecting from different colors or fonts and then uploading their personal images and watermarks. A media library that includes millions of images, videos, clips, and audio files offers an array of options for enriching video.

Lumen5's Key Features Lumen5:

  1. It allows text-to-video capabilities to convert blog and article posts into a video.
  2. This AI tech lets users create videos in just a few minutes.
  3. It includes a searchable library that includes millions of free videos, images, and songs.
  4. It offers customization options to make sure that the videos reflect a company brand.
  5. It is a format that offers a variety of output resolutions as well as aspect ratios.


iMovie is a great basic video editing program developed by Apple specifically designed for Mac OS and iOS users. It has a simple and elegant interface and drag-and-drop navigator; iMovie enables users to navigate video clips quickly, editing audio and video, as well as including narrations, music, and pictures to video. The free video editing software is built into Mac devices and is an excellent tool for learning the fundamentals of editing videos before moving on to the more advanced options.

iMovie is easy and simple to use, yet its simplicity does not limit the functionality. The software doesn't have the features of editors with higher-end capabilities. But, its color grading tools, movie-style look elegant themes, a variety of instruments for recording, audio management tools, and a fantastic chroma-keying program make up for the absence of functions. The incentive to edit your work with the iPad or iPhone and complete the editing with your Mac is energizing.

Essential Highlights in iMovie:

  1. It is an effective chroma-key tool.
  2. It has a variety of classy themes.
  3. It offers a variety of tools for organizing media.
  4. It offers 80+ sophisticated music tracks.
  5. Adobe Premiere Clip


It's a no-cost video editor designed to be used by Windows, Mac OS, and Linux users. The program speeds up simple editing tasks like cutting and filtering, but it is also ideal for advanced video encoders. Avidemux is a simple and simple UI that is a perfect example of its simplicity. It also provides all the tools needed to enhance your video.

With Avidemux, you are able to copy, cut or erase sections of your videos. It's an easy task to attach an existing video clip to another. Additionally, you can go through your video clips and display your frames easily. 

Principal features in Avidemux

  1. It is a simple and simple interface.
  2. It includes an online video filtering manager, which makes it easy to sort videos.
  3. Its powerful encoder software makes it simple to encode audio and video files.
  4. It is equipped with an analog synthesizer in real-time.


This is an editing software created by Wondershare for beginners, novices and people who are not experienced. It's a reliable tool that has a beautiful UI and powerful editing tools that simplify editing videos. While it does not have many advanced features, like multi-camera capabilities as well as VR tools, it includes regular overlays, transitions trimming, and customized effects that let you make stunning videos.

Made specifically for Windows or Mac platforms, Filmora is a video editor for video creators of all kinds and levels of skill. Its tools for sound, like the removal of background noise, an audio equalizer, and keyframing, let you make the best sound possible for your videos. Alongside the Green screen effect, as well as the support of full-HD video, allows you to create stunning videos with frames as clear as they are in reality.

Key features of Filmora

  1. It is a creative filtering system along with 3-D LUTs.
  2. It allows you to resolve camera problems like motion blurring.
  3. It offers the possibility of 100 layers.
  4. It has green screen effects that make it easier to do the process of compositing.
  5. It provides a range of sound tools, like keyframing and audio equalizer.

These were some of the Best Free Video Editing Tools available for download.



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