Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media For Small Businesses

Social networking sites are getting popular day by day. Everywhere you go, you will find a network of friends and relatives. So many people have accounts on popular social networking sites. And every single day, new features are being added to such networks by the developers.

It is an amazing trend that most people are using it for marketing their brands. Social media is a platform like any other where you can easily market your brand. It allows interaction with your target audience. The best thing about it is that it is free of cost. It also speeds up the interaction process between individuals belonging to different locations belonging to different countries belonging to the same brand.

It allows for easy interaction with the audience and provides organic content, which is rich in keywords and relevant content. This makes it an ideal place to promote your products and services. It provides various tools for online lead generation like building of email lists, video sharing, online surveys etc. These lead capture platforms also help you to obtain a customer list and analyse customer responses.

Advantages of Social Media

It helps to increase your brand awareness.

It has the power to build a strong network. In a global market, people are not very cent per cent specific about brands. So it becomes difficult for a company to survive unless it reaches the target market. Social media helps in building a business reputation worldwide. And as you can see your business reputation goes up with every tweet or status update made on these media platforms.

According to Oberlo, “73% of marketers believe that social media marketing has been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” for their business.”

Social networking sites provide great opportunities for brand awareness by promoting and marketing products and services. Since internet world has many different cultures and religions, social media use also helps in building and engaging in the communities of other believers of the same faith and also shares similar opinions.

Similarly, individuals of different religious communities can easily connect to share and discuss various things related to their religion. This provides a great scope of building brand awareness and promotion of products and services.

It can be used for instant advertisement.

Social media provides a very easy opportunity of instant advertisement through blogging, status updates, links, tweets etc. Almost every second person on earth has a blog and can make a status update on Facebook or tweet on Twitter how to get a particular product or service.

People just need to do few clicks and almost everyone can get this information. These provide the opportunity of instant publicity and every second person is aware about you and your product or service. So, if people like your product or service, they will easily tell about it to others through these mediums.

Today many companies have realized the potential of using online advertisements direct connection to increasing their sales. Through online ads, you can create brand awareness and create a large audience for your brand. There are many other advantages of using this platform to promote and increase your sales.

It helps in increasing your website traffic.

There are several ways in which you can increase your website traffic. But, the most convenient and easy way to increase your website traffic is by using social media platforms. It allows you to reach out to a large audience. Unlike other platforms such as search engine, social media provides a good platform for online advertisements and marketing.

It helps to enhance your online presence.

You can get the audience and respond to their queries, comments and feedbacks. Most social media platforms provide the audience with options to share their views. This creates a positive impact on the audience because the messages are delivered personally and there is no impersonal element in it.

The audience will respond in a better way to your messages and post content on the platform, which matters a lot in any marketing campaign. A powerful social media marketing campaign should include a post content creation, a link of your official website, along with a description of the company and contact details.

It is suitable for all types of businesses.

This is one of the most effective, efficient and cost-effective online advertising media that could be used by all kinds of companies. It is the best alternative of traditional media as you get the wide range of viewers who can respond to your message, at the same time you don’t need to spend large amount of money to reach the large audience cost-effectively.

So start building your online presence and grab the opportunity of capturing huge number of audience worldwide.

Build a strong relationship with your audience.

Social media has become a good avenue to build strong relationship with your audience. You can use your Facebook page to promote your product/ service and get leads through the various feedbacks and reviews. It is a direct connection to your audience, which helps you in reaching out to them and makes your brand more popular.

With traditional marketing techniques, you have to wait for your customers to contact you. The good news is that if you use social media platforms to market your business, you can reach out to them immediately. Of course, this also means that you will be sharing information with them as well. This will give you an opportunity to build trust with your prospects so you can promote to them more effectively.

It helps to tap into an untapped market.

Through these platforms, you can find new customers and people that may be interested in what you are selling. It is also possible to reach people that you would not normally have targeted demographics.

When using these platforms to advertise your products or services, you are offering something that is very different from the traditional marketing approach. Traditional forms of marketing tend to target groups of people that share the same general interests; whereas with social media marketing you are reaching people who have a diverse population that shares varied interests.

Disadvantages of Social Media

It is easy to share negative feedback and false information.

When you use these platforms to advertise your business, you have to deal with negative feedback. Social media makes it easy for the audience to share bad experiences or negative feedbacks. Because these platforms are available for everyone, it is not hard for people to spread false information about you and your product or service. So be careful in monitoring what you are posting.

For one, other people can be quick to tell others that your brand is not a good fit. Even if they’re joking about it, the message can be understood. Negative feedback from consumers can negatively impact your brand loyalty. You have to keep in mind that consumers, unlike marketers, are not likely to tell other consumers that your brand is bad. What they’re really saying is that they do not like the product or feel that your company does not care about their needs.

The way to adapt to the social media Disadvantage: Whenever you get negative comments on social media, react to it. Don’t leave people’s complaints and concerns unaddressed. Not everybody is going to have a positive experience with your business, but addressing the issues can speak volumes about your business and its worth.

You open the possibility of embarrassment.

It’s simple for articles to go viral on social media. People keep a close watch on the good and the poor on social networking. If you aren’t careful concerning the things you post, you can end up embarrassing your company and getting caught in an embarrassing position.

The way to adapt to the social media Disadvantage: Always do your research before posting articles on social networking. Whether it is a photo, a hashtag, or a movie, do your research to see if there’s any way it could be construed the incorrect way. Research makes it possible to adapt your content to stop your company from embarrassment.

You must spend a lot of time on your own campaigns.

Social media isn’t a one and done form of marketing method. You need to always create new content, article content, and participate with your audience on these platforms. A big drawback to societal media is it is time-consuming for companies.

If you have a small company, little marketing Department, or limited resources, it’s challenging to manage a social media marketing effort.

You Need to find the time to equilibrium publishing content, Monitoring that content, responding to people, and quantifying your articles’s impact. If you do not have the tools, it can be an overwhelming undertaking.

If you aren’t doing enough with your social networks As you don’t have time, people, or programs to help you run your promotion plan, your campaigns will probably suffer. You won’t be as effective as someone with the necessary facets to run a thriving social media campaign.

The way to adapt to the social media Disadvantage: If you don’t have the resources, consider outsourcing your own social media marketing campaign to a societal advertising firm. It’s possible to seek the services of a social networking marketing business to take care of your campaign for you while you run your enterprise. And of course, you will partner with people who have years of experience conducting campaigns and know how to drive victory!

You need to wait to view results.

When companies invest in marketing strategies, they Want to see instant results. You wish to understand your plans are working and the investment is worth your time. With social media marketing, you don’t see instant results.

Social Networking marketing’s success is predicated on The campaign’s overall success. Posting one part of content does not determine the success of your effort. You must post multiple pieces of articles over a period of time to ascertain the real success of your effort.

This is a downside of social media as You have To wait to find results. You must be patient and wait for a couple of weeks to see results until you’re able to adjust your campaign.

The way to adapt to the social media Disadvantage: You must remind yourself that you can’t see true immediate results until your campaign is running for some time. The very best thing you can do is monitor the operation of your social media posts as you post them to get them ready for comparison when your campaign is operating for a while.


Social media is great because it gives you the opportunity to reach a diverse audience and provide a chance for a direct connection with your audience. Without this direct connection, your audience will quickly move on to another company or brand. By creating this connection, you create a lasting relationship with your audience and a potentially profitable relationship with them.

There are many other advantages of social media. Start gaining benefits today. You can use the benefits of media to your advantage by implementing it to reach out to your audience.




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