WordPress and GPL

To develop WordPress themes for the public–complimentary or compensated — you need to get familiar with the GNU General Public License (GPL) that WordPress uses. The GPL determines the following four freedoms:

  • Freedom to operate the app for any purpose.
  • Freedom to study how the program works and to alter it, therefore it functions calculating as you wish.
  • Freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions, giving the community a chance to benefit from your changes.

What's “free” in the context of applications?

The ‘free' in free software, describes freedom and not price. Free software is software that users can use to do as they need. It need not be free from price, even though the ones hosted on the WordPress.org theme directory are.

Free software can include a price tag. In other words, you may create a GPL theme and sell it for money, and it might continue to be a free program. Why? Since the user is free to run, change, and distribute the software or any alterations of the program.

Keeping it free for all

The freedoms of the GPL do not only apply to the original applications; works derived from GPL-licensed applications must also embrace the same license, without restrictions or additional terms.

In this way, the GPL gives the ultimate defence of liberty by making certain that anything that's derived from free applications cannot be “locked down” after the fact; it should remain forever free to prospective experimentation and exploration.

Do I need to license my themes under the GPL?

In case you don't have any plans to distribute your theme, then you don't have to adopt the GPL license to your own work. If you are not distributing your applications — for example, a theme used only by yourself — you don't need the GPL.

Should you wish to submit your theme to the WordPress.org, it must be 100% GPL compliant, including CSS and image files. Every theme and plugin on directory of WordPress.org is 100% GPL-compatible license.

What Do You Mean By Nulled Plugins & Themes?

There are various definitions related to the word nulled. Therefore, if you search on the web about this particular term, you'll discover a good deal of different opinions about this, and it may lead to confusion. However, to prevent that confusion, we've simplified its significance.

If you're Employed as a WordPress Developer, then you must be Knowing there are two types of themes available on the internet — Free and Paid.

Now, nulled plugins or themes are a type of premium or paid Variant that have been altered or hacked to cause harm to the consumers or to accumulate a few private info. These plugins or themes are usually from a third party site rather than from the original writer or creator.

Sometimes these plugins or themes are manipulated in such a manner that it can also work with no license key. In software terms, it is possible to say it is the version that is broken. Not many nulled plugins & themes are illegal, but it is sensible not to use these items for your site.

Reasons To Quit Usage Of Nulled WordPress Themes

In this blog, we will provide you with a list of reasons for not utilizing nulled plugins & themes. So, let us get this started, right now. !

You Do not Know What Else Is In The Code

Rather than from the first author, you're not guaranteed that the code will only include the functionality that you need.

There's every possibility that code could contain some malicious Thing that can enter into your own system & break it down or collect your personal details.

The same logic applies to the instance of nulled topics & Plugins in which you are creating an opportunity for the user to control your site.

Unless you're an experienced programmer and you've got the Time to dig through all of the code, you won't have any clue what else there could be along with the first code.

In addition to all these, if you're utilizing nulled plugins Or themes, then there will not be any aid from the original author in the event of hacking. Thus, stay away from using these types of things.

No Support From The Developer

It is another main reason for stopping the usage of Nulled WordPress themes & plugins. Nulled themes or plugins will provide you with all the features that you get with any premium theme or plugin, but they can not provide the benefits that a real customer receives.

The Reason for that is, when you buy any premium plugin Or motif, the money will go to the programmer for GPL (General Public License). Along with this, when you get a product, you receive the choice of reaching out to the programmer in case of any issue or bug.

Get any assistance from the programmer. The reason being, you've not paid any amount to the programmer and as you know that, no one wishes to work at free of charge.
Any developer puts in a lot of hard work and effort to make Any superior plugin or motif and their final intention is to fix the burning problem of the consumers. Consequently, they deserved some amount in return along with also a nulled plugin or theme won't make your life more comfortable also.

No Automatic Updates

As you know that to empower the upgrades for premium Plugin or theme, you will want a license key. Without having a license key, there won't be a prospect of automatic updates. You've to manually upgrade the plugin or theme whenever any new update arrives.

But, there are two major problems for this Type It is time-consuming. You've to delete the plugin or theme every now and then, re-upload the plugin or motif, which is very annoying. There's absolutely no notification concerning update which means that you've to test for the update on a regular period manually.

Imagine a scenario where a developer releases an urgent Security upgrade, but you don't receive a notification for it. In this circumstance, you are exposing your site to the Most Common WordPress Attacks. In the current age, you can not take this kind of risks, and so, it's better not to utilize any nulled plugin in addition to nulled themes.

Lots Of Security Problems

Nulled WordPress plugins & themes are very Dangerous for the safety of your WordPress site. For those who don't know, there are plenty of WordPress Security Vulnerabilities which are because of the use of nulled extensions.

The nulled WordPress plugins & themes code may contain malware. If this is the case, then there is every chance that the malicious code may spread across your WordPress site and can lead to havoc. The main reason for that is, malware may disguise themselves and therefore, it will become difficult for you to detect it. You may also lose your data in the hacking process.

Affects Your SEO

The nulled WordPress plugins & themes can eradicate your Site's SEO. The main reason behind that is, nulled WordPress themes & plugins can add spammy links to a WordPress website, and it can divert them to bad websites which affect your user-experience.

Now, it is a known Actuality that user-experience plays a big Part in your website's SEO and therefore when user-experience is not good, the SEO will get influenced. These are the actions which are hard to detect by human eyes. The main reason behind that is, if you log into your WordPress website, you won't be redirected. Thus, you will always be at the illusion your website is safe.

But search engines may notice that change and therefore, it will penalize your site and your ranking will get dropped which will affect your company earnings. Therefore, not using nulled plugins & themes are a great option.

To know in detail about null plugins & themes, you can Hire WordPress Developer from a reputed business.

Legal Issues

The Majority of the WordPress themes are open-source. But a few of the plugins in addition to the themes can be mixed-source. What we mean by mixed-source is that the copyright laws protect some of part of the code. But if you are using a nulled plugin or theme, you don't have the privilege to utilize this code & therefore, there's a chance of legal actions against you.

Along with all these, nulled plugins or themes may also Cause data theft, data loss or supply of illegal substance. All of these may lead to legal proceedings where you have to pay a massive chunk of cash to attorneys. Therefore, it's highly recommended not to make use of nulled extensions.

No Documentation Available

The most seasoned WordPress users want documentation To understand any new plugin or theme before they can begin using it on their WordPress site. That is why programmers spend a great deal of time on producing proper documentation. In fact, for this purpose, they employ support specialists who can answer all of the matters associated with user queries.

If you are using any nulled plugin or theme, then they'll not Give you any documentation. The main reason behind that is, documentation, in addition to the tutorial movies, are only given to the premium users. In addition to that, you can't contact any programmer for any help.

It Discourages Innovation

Utilization of nulled themes and plugins discourages innovation. Now, a lot of you'd argue that theme or plugin is only a tiny slice of applications and we are using nulled ones since we don't have an enormous amount of money that one can spend supporting the superior version.

However, someone's hard work and dedication has attained This very small bit of code. Now, if you are using nulled plugins or themes, then you're taking the money away from the developers they rightly deserve.

But they also provide support, create documentation, create a web site, hire dedicated staff, etc.. These things need spending a great deal of money, and using nulled themes or plugins, you are not supplying them with this money.


There are many free plugins and themes that can be utilized as a substitute for the premium version. So, why choose a nulled theme? Only see its free replacement online and proceed with this.

You can use the limited free version to get you started. By way of instance, if you need a contact form plugin, you can try the free version of WPForms Lite. If you require a plugin for Google Analytics, try the free version of MonsterInsights. The same is applicable to the case of this plugin as well.

The important thing here is that in case you're using free Plugins or themes in WordPress, then you'll not have any legal burden too. Additionally, you are not impacting the WordPress Designing services in India community.

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