How To Get Fast Approval On Google Adsense

How To Get Fast Approval On Google Adsense? 10 Steps Guide On Fast Google Adsense Approval

In this blog, we will discuss How To Get Fast Approval On Google Adsense? Google Adsense is a great advertising network to monetize a website or blog. Each blogger dreams of getting Adsense approval. It has strict requirements and principles that make it difficult to get approval. 

New publishers are often unaware that simply because you apply to Google Adsense, it doesn't automatically mean you're in. Google's policies are deliberately difficult to understand. This gives them the freedom to reject or accept anyone they wish.

It's not hard to understand why so many people's applications are denied. People who apply for accounts forget to consider privacy policies, contact pages, or about pages.

Google is known for having high standards in terms of quality when it comes to its advertising network. They have strict rules and regulations that publishers must adhere to.

Before you apply for Google AdSense, ensure that you have met the following requirements:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • You have an active Gmail address that hasn't been linked to an AdSense account.
  • Live website that meets all of Google's terms of service needs.
  • Your blog/website must be at least three months old
  • Your website's content should be up-to-date and relevant. You should have at most 30 articles that are of value to your visitors. It should also include a contact page as well as a privacy page.
  • There is plenty of website traffic.

You should have a good web presence, according to Google. Google will not recognize your website or content as authoritative or relevant if it isn't optimized for search engines (SEO).

How To Get Fast Approval On Google Adsense

This article will discuss Google Adsense approval guidelines and tips. Many people who start a website for the first time struggle to get Google AdSense approval. I will show you how to quickly approve Adsense and get started on your journey towards earning.

How To Get Fast Approval On Google Adsense?

Google AdSense can be tricky. If you have never been approved before, you will likely run into problems. You probably already know the AdSense approval requirements if you have an approved website on Google AdSense. For those who have not been approved, how to get fast approval on Google AdSense? Continue reading until the end to find the perfect solution to your problem.

Content is King

This is a common saying among online marketers. Content is the king of online marketing. Your question about how to get Google AdSense approved for a website is answered by publishing unique, high-quality content. Many people who are trying to get AdSense approved believe this is not necessary. Plagiarized or repeated content is not a good idea.

You should ensure that your website has high-quality content. The Google Publisher policies can help you to understand the types of content Google considers good.

Publish a Good Volume of Content

The second tip and trick on the Google AdSense approval list are to post back-to-back content. You should have at least 10-15 quality posts on your website before you apply for Google AdSense. Google needs to know that you take it seriously to grow your site and that your articles are ready for monetization.

Your website should contain between 10,000-15,000 words. You can publish 10 articles with a minimum of 1500 words each. A good number of articles on your website will reduce the AdSense approval time.

You Must Have About and Contact Pages

This step is often overlooked by even the most experienced online marketer. This is the fastest way to approve AdSense. Before you apply for Google AdSense, you must have an About Us page as well as a Contact Page. These pages are crucial for AdSense approval.

This is because Google will review your website to verify that it is legitimate. Google will need to find out who owns the website in order to reach that conclusion. The About Us Page can also include information about the employees or members responsible for operating your website. These pages will help Google validate your website's authenticity and will speed up AdSense Approval.

A Powerful Privacy Policy

The fourth step to getting Google AdSense approval for your website is that you create a privacy page. No matter what niche a website is in, it should have a privacy page. This page is often overlooked by website operators and owners because they don’t know what to include.

If you don't know where to start, you can look at the privacy policies pages of any major competitor. There are many online Privacy policy generators that you can use to do the work for free or at a cost. AdSense approval time is crucial for you to have a privacy page on your website. This page can be considered one of the most important AdSense pages.

How To Get Fast Approval On Google Adsense

Is Content On Your Website on a Restricted List?

Google AdSense has a restricted list. If your website content is on this list, you may forget to apply for AdSense approval. The restricted content list cannot be bypassed.

To see what content Google accepts, you can look at AdSense's policy. Here's an overview of what content to avoid if you don't want to do the research. This is a list of content you should avoid in order to get AdSense approved.

  • Sexual Content
  • The killing of human beings in content
  • Terrorism-related content
  • Explosives and Guns
  • Recreational drugs, Tobacco, and Alcohol sales
  • Online Gambling
  • Prescription drugs, unapproved pharmaceuticals, and supplements

To avoid being on the restricted list accidentally, keep up to date with Google's constantly changing policies.

Avoid Copyright Elements

AdSense approval requires that you do not use copyrighted images. This information should be known by all who operate their websites. It is not possible to just download an image from Google and then put it on your site. It could be the reason for your Google AdSense rejection.

You will need to find the money and time to buy an image or search for images that aren't copyrighted. Even if everything is perfect, AdSense will reject you if it sees you violate the usage rights. There are two main sources you can get your images from. The first is completely free. The second requires you to pay money, but it's well worth it.


Website Age Matters

The fact that this factor is not applicable to everyone around the world means that most people ignore it. It doesn't really matter if you are a U.S resident. However, Google specifically asked website owners in China and India to ensure that their website is up-to-date for six months before they apply for Google AdSense.

This was due to the increasing number of fraudulent websites being pushed into search results using questionable methods. After much debate, Google finally listed these two countries as a restriction. Follow the above steps and wait six months for AdSense approval.

Check that your Website isn't Banned

All those who created their own website and bought a new domain will not be banned. Unless Google AdSense has informed you that your website was banned. You're trying to find ways to get Google AdSense approval on your website if you have not been told by Google AdSense. You need to understand why you are banned.

Google AdSense may have already banned your domain or website if you've purchased it previously. This is something to be aware of. Another website can be used to check if your website has been banned. Although most websites are not banned, it's worth checking.

Clear website navigation is a big help

Clear website navigation is tip 9 on our Google AdSense approval tips. Nearly 85% of website owners don’t give much thought to this aspect, even though they believe their website has clear navigation.

This could be due to the theme or other factors that make navigation difficult. It is a problem if your website navigation is unclear enough. This gives off a false sense of authenticity to Google.

Removing Other Ads while Applying

Here's a tip: If your application keeps getting rejected, even though you are doing everything right. You can quickly approve AdSense by removing any ads that you have already placed on your website. If you apply for Google AdSense for your website, and the person reviewing it sees lots of ads, they will reject your application. This is because you have too many ads on your site.



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