How To Grow Your Instagram Page In 2022

How To Grow Your Instagram Page In 2022? 8 Proven Ways

Individuals and businesses are shifting to social media with 3.5 Billion active social media users. This article will show you how to increase your Instagram followers this year. Instagram is the most popular social media platform.

YouTube and Facebook are the most popular social media platforms on Earth, with 1.9billion and 2.5 billion users, respectively. Instagram is now catching up to 1,000,000 monthly active users.

Let's take a closer look at some Instagram statistics, as the platform continues its growth and development.

  • After Facebook, Instagram is the second most-engaged network.
  • Instagram users spend an average 53 minutes each day on Instagram, while Facebook users only spend 58 minutes.
  • 83% of users state that they are looking for new products and services through Instagram.
  • 500,000,000 users of Instagram Stories are used every day.
  • Video posts on Instagram is more engaging.

Instagram is poised to become the most popular social media platform.

It's important to remember that the number of your Instagram followers doesn't necessarily mean anything if they don’t have engaged fans who make purchases, visit your landing pages and share your brands with their friends and followers. These tips on how to grow your Instagram page will help you build your following.

How To Grow Your Instagram Page In 2022
How To Grow Your Instagram Page In 2022

How to Grow Your Instagram Page in 2022?

Optimize Instagram account

Prior to you start trying to figure out how to get followers on Instagram, it is important to optimize your account. Your brand's Instagram bio is your “homepage”.

How will people recognize that your account is associated with your brand if it doesn't have a bio, image captions, or a profile image? Although it may seem obvious, Instagram's bio and image are key elements of your brand identity. Optimizing your account is key to driving Instagram traffic to your website.

You can link to marketing pages or product pages that are related to certain keywords, hashtags, or campaigns via your Instagram account if you are unsure. Although linking to your homepage is fine, why not provide a seamless experience for users when they move from your bio to a website? This has resulted in the popularity of IG's link landing pages. These pages host the relevant links to the last pieces of content mentioned by a brand on its feed. They also have “link in bio” posts that direct audiences to those linked links.

Also, make sure your username is search-friendly. This usually means staying true to your brand name. Reduce the length of your business name to something that your audience can recognize. Your username should not contain special characters or numbers. If possible, keep it in line with any other social media handles that you have.

An Instagram marketing strategy is the best way to optimize your Instagram account. Get our free guide to help you get started.

Keep a consistent content calendar

You should not post random content when trying to gain followers on Instagram. If you are lucky enough to have users follow you from the start, don't forget to thank them.

You can combat spam by sticking to a consistent posting schedule. To avoid spamming, brands should only post a few times per day. However, it doesn't matter what your posting frequency is, you need to keep it consistent. There are approximately 200 million Instagram users who log on every day. To reach even more people, you can publish a few times per day.

In fact, we have done our own research to determine the best times to upload to Instagram for multiple industries. Or, you can check out our research below to see our findings on the best times to share your content across all topics.

A schedule can help you create a consistent experience for followers and keep them informed about your brand.

How To Grow Your Instagram Page In 2022

Schedule Instagram posts ahead

Although Instagram has made it easier to display more content, the algorithm still allows you to post at the right time so that your posts are more visible and get more engagement.

Your brand has many options to increase visibility. Sprout Social now allows you to schedule Instagram content. Our new tools make it easy for brands to schedule content.

Your entire team will be able to see schedules and campaigns more effectively if you plan content ahead. It is always smart to plan ahead and use our Instagram scheduling tools to reach your audience while maintaining a consistent flow.

Sprout also offers ViralPost, a patented feature that allows you to let us do all the work. ViralPost analyses your account's engagement history to identify the best times to post algorithmically.

Partner with brand advocates 

It is important to understand the worth of your followers when you are trying to increase your Instagram following. Your organic follower count will increase, which will result in more customers and buyers.

Customers will follow you best if they see you and are present. It is important to be present on both your Instagram and other accounts. Sponsor user-generated content and get your brand noticed in customers' feeds. To promote your brand, you can also host Instagram contests

You can reach a wider audience. These campaigns create social proof by showing that your followers are invested enough in your content to repost it or create their own UGC.

Another way to increase your reach is to use a larger audience. To share your content with their followers, you can work with bigger Instagram accounts within your industry.

Make sure that you are providing value. You don't want to appear too sales. To grow your Instagram following, you should seek out marketing partnerships and co-marketing plans from other businesses.

How To Grow Your Instagram Page In 2022

Beware of fake Instagram followers

It is a big difference between having fake followers and real ones on Instagram. It might be tempting for you to buy Instagram followers, the negative consequences of this practice outweigh the benefits of organic growth.

  • Get new followers: Users will not trust accounts with inactive Instagram accounts that have thousands of followers. Do not trick people into following your account. For better engagement, build trust and maintain long-lasting relationships.
  • No ROI: Although it might seem simpler to buy followers, your unmanned new followers or acquired bots won't be buying anything. Instagram users follow brands for one reason: they like the content you post or your company. These people are real spenders and can add monetary value to your company.
  • Make little to no buzz: How many people will comment, like, and share your content if you have 10,000 fake followers? These fake accounts or bots will most likely be deleted by Instagram and your posts will look like engagement graveyards.

The Power of DMs

This last tip may still be the best-kept secret on Instagram. True engagement is achieved when users can DM (direct message), each other on Instagram. People respond to DMs. Even if they don’t reply, they still see the DMs and retain the interaction.

Direct messages on Instagram are a great way to connect with customers and build brand trust. Conversations that take place in private on Instagram are more likely to result in sales and brand trust.

To answer questions and reward engagement, use direct messaging. A polite, professional hello message to a fan is a great way of making a lasting impression.

One caveat: don't spam your followers via DM. It is best to use it as a way of replying and engaging with Insta Stories. This will keep you from being intrusive or spammy.

Follow your competitor on Instagram

Engaging with your competitors' followers on Instagram is one of the best ways you can attract new followers. You can easily follow your competitors' accounts to find people who are interested in your products.

How can you steal the followers of your closest competitors? Engaging with your competitors can help you steal their followers. You have many options to interact with Instagram users. The more you work, the more you will get followers and more repeat engagement.

These are the three types of engagement that Instagram allows:

  • Follow a user
  • As a photo
  • Comment on images

Tap Into Instagram Reels

You could be missing out on huge opportunities to increase your followers if you don't share Instagram Reels yet.

Reels, Instagram’s looping, and the short-form video feature are still one of the best ways to reach new people on the app.

Reels feed viewers are presented with high-interest content from users they follow and those they don't. This is a refreshing change to the Instagram experience.

The Reels that you create can reach far beyond your follower's list, increasing your visibility and growing your following.

The best results are possible:

  • Reels captions should include keywords and hashtags to accurately describe your video content
  • Trending sounds should be used
  • To encourage repeat viewings, keep your reels short and concise
  • Make original content
  • For viewers who are not able to hear the sound, add text on-screen
  • Do not upload video with a TikTok watermark, but instead aim for high-quality footage

Reels can still help you succeed, even if your business or brand doesn't seem like a good fit.

Try out new trends, share behind-the-scenes information, and even a before-and-after photo of your product.


There are many ways to increase your Instagram account's growth this year. Consider the design and appearance of your profile. Make sure to post frequently, as well as provide value for your followers through the content that you share. Use Instagram geotagging and hashtags to increase your reach.

You should make it easy for people to find you. Make sure they can see your interests and discuss topics that match your personal branding. Collaborate with brands and influencers on social media. Other profiles can help you get more visibility, whether it's through shoutouts, promotions, or giveaways.

These are some of the best ways to increase your Instagram followers. Also, Read – 8 Ways To Help Your Post Go Viral On Social Media

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