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4 Top SEO Reporting Tools In 2023

SEO reporting tools and software help SEOs track the performance of their SEO campaigns and make data-driven decisions. They are extremely useful tools for agencies allowing them to create dashboards and monitoring reports for their clients.

In this guide, we’ve reviewed and compared the top SEO reporting tools so that you can pick the best one for you.

Top SEO Reporting Tools

1. Google Looker Studio

Google Looker Studio is a free tool from the search engine leaders at Google. With Google Looker, you can combine data from various data sources, so business leaders and agencies can create a multitude of highly intuitive visual reports. You can customize your reports with charts and tables and even leverage sample reports.


Google Looker Studio makes visualizing and learning from data as simple as possible. At the core of the solution, you’ll find a range of templates built to help you pinpoint specific pieces of information. For instance, there are templates for tracking eCommerce revenue, search console data, or just turning your Google Analytics information into a visual report.

The core features of the solution includes:

  • Visual, customizable reports: You can transform data into charts (line, bar, and pie charts) as well as geo maps, bubble graphs, and tables. There are options to add interactive elements like filters and data range controls, as well as clickable links and images. Plus, you can annotate and brand reports with styles, color themes, text, and images.
  • Integrations: Data Studio allows you to collect information from a range of sources, including Databases, like BigQuery or MySQL, Google Marketing products like Google Ads and Search Console, Flat files like CSV uploads, and social media platforms.
  • Collaboration: Sharing insights and collaborating on reports is simple. You can invite others to view and edit reports, send links in scheduled emails, and export reports in multiple formats. Editors can work simultaneously on the same reports and annotate in real-time.


  • Excellent cloud-based access to a range of reporting tools
  • Tight integration with the Google ecosystem, including Google Analytics and Sheets
  • An easy-to-use ecosystem with lots of customization options
  • Collaboration and sharing tools for team-based reporting
  • Support for Live connections to collect real-time data from other sources
  • Free to use with Google Cloud services


  • The Live data connections can sometimes be slow
  • There’s no native connector support for some apps, like HubSpot
  • You can’t upload Excel spreadsheets
Top SEO Reporting Tools

2. Sitecheker.Pro

A comprehensive SEO auditing tool, Sitechecker.Pro was designed to help companies and agencies monitor and improve search engine performance. The platform helps to guide beginners through all the steps they may need to take to generate better results, with useful insights and tips.


Sitechecker.Pro aims to be an all-in-one environment for all the Search Engine information you might need. You can monitor website changes 24/7 and keep a close eye on your progress through the search rankings checker. There are integrations for leading tools like Google Analytics, and you can even save time by adding the tool straight to your Chrome browser.

Leading features include:

  • Comprehensive site auditing: Audit your entire website for issues that might be harming SEO, like broken links and poor keyword optimization. Then get intelligent insights on how to improve your ranking one step at a time.
  • Rank monitoring: Monitor changes to your website’s performance 24/7 and creates automated reports to share with your team and clients. You also get instant alerts sent to your email when something significant changes with your site.
  • Accurate backlink insights: Track and analyze all of the backlinks on your website and get tips on which links to remove from your pages.
  • Keyword reporting: Track your website keyword rankings and determine which phrases and terms generate the most activity and conversions for your business.


  • Intuitive and user-friendly platform with a clean interface
  • Instant alerts and notifications about site updates
  • Track keywords and backlinks in the same place
  • Access detailed how-to guides on how to improve your site
  • SEO chrome extension
  • White-label reporting for agencies


  • Limited report customization can make the information overwhelming
  • Subscription plans can be expensive for smaller companies

3. Semrush Reports

One of the best SEO reporting tools available for growing brands, SEMrush offers a powerful selection of reporting features to help companies evolve online.


SEMrush makes it quick and easy to generate powerful reports about your SEO campaigns. You can create your reports from scratch, combining the data most crucial to your business or client, or you can start with a template. Common templates include full organic keyword research reports, monthly competitor analysis, and monthly SEO reports.

SEMrush can also combine data from a range of different environments, like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Some of the core features of this platform include:

  • Comprehensive SEO dashboard: Your end-to-end SEO dashboard can offer everything from traffic analytics, or organic research to help you find the best keywords. You can search for backlinks and keyword gaps when compared to your competitors and keep a close eye on your ranking performance over time.
  • Keyword research: The extensive keyword research solutions make it much easier to find terms and phrases to rank for. There’s a “Keyword Magic” tool for helping to pinpoint the keyword opportunities you’re missing and a keyword manager for tracking all of your terms.
  • Link building: SEMrush offers backlink analytics and audits, so you can get to the bottom of which links are helping or hindering your company. You can also access an in-built link-building tool to help you find new solutions with bulk analysis.
  • On-page and technical SEO: SEMrush supports comprehensive site audits, listing management, and on-page SEO checking. There’s also a log file analyzer and tools to help with the creation of SEO content.
  • Custom reports: Users can create fully customized, white-labeled, and branded reports using various themes. You can also automate your reporting schedule and send updates to your clients via email.


  • Exceptional competitor analysis and benchmarking
  • Easy-to-use all-in-one dashboard for all your reports
  • Create PDF reports from scratch or start from a template
  • Schedule and automate recurring email reports
  • Fully customizable reports with white labeling
  • Intelligent insights and guidance on how to optimize your site


  • Data is only provided for Google (no other search engines)
  • Some features are only available for an extra cost
  • All plans only come with a single-user account

4. SE Ranking

Affordable and easy to use, SE Ranking is a great solution for companies upgrading their SEO insights. The solution comes with a huge range of powerful tools, including current and historical position tracking and a backlink explorer.


SE Ranking aims to make SEO reporting software simple, with convenient access to all the information you need to make better marketing decisions. The end-to-end solution is easy to use for beginners and offers plenty of advice on how to improve your campaigns with keywords, links, and site audits.

You can also use SE Ranking to gather more information about your competitors, so you can determine where you need to make changes to stand out from other brands. Some of the most significant features of this tool include:

  • Keyword tracking and suggestions: Gather real-time insights into the position of your website’s keywords across multiple major search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You can also track keyword performance on a regional basis and gather intelligent suggestions on which words to use.
  • Website auditing: The built-in website auditing tools help you compare your site to other top-ranking solutions in your industry. You’ll find both on-page and off-page issues reducing your ranking and get tips on how to fix them.
  • Backlink monitoring: With SE Ranking, you can monitor, track, and control all of your backlinks in the same place. The management tool also provides data on the key parameters of each link.
  • Custom reports: You’ll be able to create branded and white-labeled reports using insights into all of the key metrics that matter most to your client. There are also tools for adding social media information to your reports. You can also set up custom notifications and alerts.


  • Quick and easy setup with tutorial guidance
  • Integrations with a huge range of tools
  • Keyword tracking and suggestions included
  • Customizable and brandable reports
  • Instant alerts when something changes within your rank
  • Support for tracking growth across multiple search engines
  • Website auditing and competitor analysis


  • Learning curve for beginners
  • Limits the number of keywords you can monitor on each plan

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