Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Organic Website Traffic

8 Actionable Ways To Use Social Media To Increase Organic Website Traffic

What are the Actionable Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Organic Website Traffic? Traffic and rankings are just two of many words that dominate digital marketing. It can be hard to increase organic traffic at times. But, if it does, there are many reasons to celebrate.

All of this began with Google’s penguin! This was a tool that was designed to increase the value of the Search Engine Results Pages by eliminating low-value results. This is why many websites go without traffic. However, it’s important to remember that every problem has an answer.

The question is, how can you increase organic website traffic? Social media marketing can help you compensate for this traffic loss. 

What is Website Traffic from Social Media?

Your off-page SEO efforts can result in social media traffic – activities that occur outside your website, but link back to it. You can call these backlinks.

You can share your web page links on social media and let people see them. If they are interested, your target audience may click the links to visit your website. This is how social media traffic works.

Now, if you don’t have any social media accounts for your business yet, it’s time to sort out which platforms are best for your brand.

Social Media Platforms for Businesses

While you may be familiar with social media giants such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, YouTube, YouTube, LinkedIn, and LinkedIn, these are not all the best networking sites.

There are plenty of remarkable and essential platforms for your business out there, but we cannot name every one of them.

Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Organic Website Traffic

Actionable Ways To Use Social Media To Increase Organic Website Traffic

Now, let’s break down Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Organic Website Traffic so you can start building or tweaking your social media profiles for your business.

Complete Your Keyword-Driven Social Media Profiles

Your profile is what people first see when they visit your social media pages. It includes your business name, operating hours and bio as well as the contact section and captions. You can also upload your cover photos and captions. This is how it works: it’s necessary to fill in all the information, including your main keywords while keeping them simple.

Your profile information is the most important part of your business. You can also: don’t forget to include a link to your website wherever it applies. Make sure your website’s homepage link is included in all your social media accounts’ about sections.

Share Your Blog Content to Your Social Media Accounts

You can’t just depend on gaining organic traffic from people searching about the topic you have discussed on your blog post through search engines like Google.

So now? Keep promoting your blog content to your social media accounts and don’t let your written masterpieces go to waste Your target audience should know you have something to offer that will make their day or life better.

A case study revealed that several brands who committed to publishing multiple blog posts each month and sharing them on their social media accounts has resulted in an average of 1,200 new leads per month. This is a clear indication that you should share your content to social media immediately after it has been published.

You don’t need to publish 15 blog entries per month in order to start sharing your content via social media. You can share your content with any blog post that is relevant at any time.

Share Your Content More Than Once but No Spamming

You can drive more traffic to old blog posts by sharing your content with your social media accounts more than once. However, be careful not to spam the news feeds of your audience. You can schedule your content strategically using free social media scheduling software.

Start by sharing your blog post on the date it was published. You can share it again the next day, the next week, the next month and the next two months. Never share your content more than once a day. This is spamming.

Make sure you every time you are about to share the same content, vary the caption of every post. You can quote parts of the article, ask your customers pertinent questions, change the images or tweak the headline every 2 to 3 months.

Remember that varying your caption will make your feed appear fresh, which will more likely attract your target audience to visit your website.

Share Your Web Content During “Peak Time”

It is always better to post your content on your social media accounts during “peak time” or when most of your target audience is active. This is an essential and strategic step to increase traffic to your site from social media.

You can increase your bounce rate by sharing content and posting it while your audience isn’t online. This means people will click on your page, but then leave or bounce back.

Facebook and other social media platforms can tell you when your most active followers are online at any given time. This data can be used to ensure that the most people are seeing your content in your target audience, when it’s fresh.

You may not have access to certain parts of your analytics, like your followers’ active times, if you are just starting out. To find the best time to post or share content on your social media pages, you can use this social media posting and sharing guide.

Once you have more followers and your pages have been established for quite some time, you can start experimenting with which time slots of the day are driving more traffic to your website and more engagement rate to your social media pages.

Share More Visual Content

Visual content that stands out is the best way for a site visitor to pay attention. People tend to scroll through social media pages quickly. This is why: focus on sharing more visual assets that will better promote your interesting and helpful website content.

These are the most popular visual elements you can start with:

  • Videos
  • Live broadcasts
  • Animations
  • Images
  • Graphs
  • GIFs
  • Infographics

Canva allows you to create stunning graphics or search royalty-free HD images from free online resources like Unsplash and Pixabay.

Make Sure to Add Call-to-Action

Adding call-to-action can help you increase your engagement on your accounts and gather more traffic from social media to your website because call-to-action signal your target audience on what you want them to do.

We use call-to-action on landing pages and blog posts, but they are also useful in convincing your followers to click-through from your social media posts to your website.

The most popular CTAs you can use are the following:

  • Click here
  • Learn more
  • Visit our site
  • Check out our latest blog post
  • Read more

CTAs can be used to persuade your readers to click on the content that you are sharing. 

Stand Out by Engaging with Your Audience Consistently

Engage with your customers consistently via social media channels to build customer trust and connect. As much as possible, answer questions and provide feedback in real time. Use the responses from your followers to improve their experience with your brand.

Most importantly, engaging with your audience is a great way to drive more traffic to your website as you suggest content from your site that they may be interested in checking out.

Many people don’t get replies from brands you can use this opportunity and connect to your target audience as much as you can, so they remember you and forget your competitors.

Here are some engagement methods you can start doing or improving:

  • Reply 100% to messages in your social media page as fast as you can or use chatbots
  • Participate in posts comments
  • Respond to posts and comments mentioning your brand
  • Look out for hashtags related to your industry and spark relevant conversations
  • Join forum chats that are focused on your niche

Leverage Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid social media advertising is a great way to reach people who haven’t heard of your brand or who haven’t visited your website. This is how you can reach your target audience. If you have the budget for digital marketing, paid social media advertising is worth a try.

Final Thoughts

These Actionable Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Organic Website Traffic will help you drive more traffic to your website from social media. Make sure to put them into action as soon as you can and your social media traffic will skyrocket. Optimized social media strategies can help you improve your social media profiles, increase your target audience and get more people to share and read your content.


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