Difference Between Parallax Scrolling vs. CSS Animation

In web designing, the latest trend of Parallax Scrolling is in rage these days. It is the most popular effect that is adopted by web developers and designers for designing website themes. Now you might be wondering what Parallax Scrolling is. Let us take a quick look at an overview of Parallax Scrolling and how you can create a simple parallax effect?

What is Parallax Scrolling?

Parallax scrolling is an approach used in computer graphics designing where background images move independently but more slowly than the foreground images creating a beautiful 3D illusion of depth and immersion that gives exquisite visual experience to all the viewers and creates the seamless user experience. It gives the pretense of the 3D effect to the 2D plane. For any viewer, it adds more fun for them as they feel more engaged with your website and will keep scrolling down to read the content of your site.


You might have noticed websites with parallax effect- when you scroll down the site, the background image is fixed, and the content on the front is scrolling at a different pace.


To understand this better here is the demo of a website with parallax scrolling



Demo of the site without parallax scrolling



Now you might have gotten the idea of what exactly parallax scrolling is and why it is so popular among web developers. 


Example on how to create a simple parallax scrolling effect-


1. Use a container element to add a background image to the website. Also, specify the height of the image.


2. Now to create an actual parallax effect, specify background property as fixed, which will fix the background image.

background-attachment: fixed;


3. Here are other background properties to complete a parallax effect 


background-position: center;

background-repeat: no-repeat;

background-size: cover;


Parallax can be of various types; it depends on how you implement them.


   Layer Parallax – It is the effect in which different layers scroll at a different pace on the web page. 


•   Repeat Pattern – In this effect scrolling occurs over the repeated background pattern 


•   Raster Parallax- In this effect you can give an illusion of movement when the cursor hovers over the image with parallax effect


If you are designing a website in WordPress, then it offers you a lot of plugins that can be used to create parallax effects. Plugins are also available with the paid theme that are also utilized to move elements as you want too.


Here are the things to keep in mind before using Parallax Scrolling:

· It increases the load time of the website – People will abandon your site if it is taking too long to open. You will lose potential customers, no matter how beautifully designed your website is. Parallax is fancy eye candy for viewers and is not known for its speed. By adding more than necessary effects, you will be scarifying the loading time of a website.


· It may not be mobile-friendly – It is the most important note to keep in mind before using Parallax scrolling is that it does not always work on mobile devices. With the help of CSS media queries, you can turn this effect off on mobile devices. This is one of the disadvantages of Parallax Scrolling.

What is a CSS Animation?

New trends are emerging every day in web designing and development. CSS Animation is one of the most popular trends in web design that has been featuring on websites these days. If you have taken a close look at websites, then you would have noticed animated images and gifs. This is done through CSS Animation. They create exquisite visual effects based on a single change.


Animation means bringing to life. It is a CSS Property that allows animating or smooth movement from one style configuration to others. It is the method of animating most of the HTML elements without using JavaScript or Flash. It is supported in virus Webkit browsers like Chrome 1+, Safari 4+, Firefox 5, Opera, etc. It includes two elements:


1. Keyframe – When you specify CSS style using @keyframe property, then the Animation will slowly change from one state to another. Keyframe gives you complete control over the CSS animation. Keyframe describes what to do with the animations and at what time by defining frames at which things will happen. In short, it states style and stage of any animation.


2. Animation – Once you have described your keyframe property, then you need to add animation property for the Animation to function. Animation helps to define how the image will be animated and also assigns a set of keyframes that are described in CSS property to the elements you want to animate. 

CSS Transition Property

CSS Transition property is the most basic option in CSS, which changes an element from one state to another. If occur in hover state when you put your cursor n that element. It can be noticed when you move your cursor, and you notice a color change, or when you click on a button, you will see it is going down too.


It has two stages one is the starting stage, and the other is the ending stage. It is useful in highlighting important information on the site. They are easier to create and apply than Animation. More web designers and developers are using this CSS property to attract more people to the websites. It brings more personality to the site as people always tend to notice moving animations and admire how it is done.

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