Why Responsive Web Design is Google Recommended?

People search their queries mostly on mobile phones these days. Do you know around 60% of the total online searches come from smartphones only? That is legitimately more than half of the total millions of searches.

A website with a responsive design layout means that it is able to it in the devices of every screen size, whether you open it on your computer, laptops, smartphones, or tablets. This is done through coding in HTML and CSS.

Having a responsive website or in simple words, we can call it a mobile-friendly website, which is nowadays a very crucial part of any online business website. Every business is spending on having mobile-friendly websites.

What is a responsive website design?

Responsive web design changes the layout of the website in which it is viewed upon, ideal for mobile users. A responsive web design must include elements such as:

· Readable text without zoom

· Space for tapping icons

· No horizontal scrolling


Those websites which are still not optimized for mobile viewing can experience a significant decline in their search engine rankings. Not being found online can hurt your online business tremendously.


Fun Fact – The number of smartphone users is more than 2 billion across the world. Also, more than 60% of the searches internationally come from mobile phones.


To make sure your website offers an experience tailored to handle all devices of every screen size, consider hiring a website designing company in Faridabad.


The benefits of choosing a responsive web design for your website are:

· Low price

· Flexibility

· Better user experience

· Search engine optimization improved

· Ease of management


Let’s take a look at five advantages, so we will know about why you should put money in responsive web design.

Google recommends an only mobile-friendly website

With an increasing number of smartphones user, Google in 2015 changed the search engine algorithms. Google now factors a website with responsive design as a ranking signal. This is why a responsive website is so important. If you want your website to rank on the search engines, then having a mobile-friendly website is a must.

Google has also now introduced Mobile-first indexing strategy, which now bases a website’s ranking based on the mobile version of the website. It is done to improve the mobile experience in web surfing further. The responsive design includes-

• Text and images are able to resize, shrink, and enlarge to fit the content n the screen.

• No scrolling horizontal, only vertical scrolling

2) You also won’t own your blog

In case of free hosting, you don’t really own your blog. It’s facilitated on another person’s web property. The bad part is that they can delete it whenever they want to. They have done as such before, and continue doing it later on. Which means all your diligent work, every one of those endless and long blog posts may get erased within seconds.

With a self-hosted blog under your domain name, you are the only owner of your blog. You’ll have the option to name your blog and post anything you desire. You can end it web additions such as .com, .co.in, .net, and so on.

Lower cost

Some businesses opt for a separate version of their website, i.e., mobile version and a desktop version. It can be a more expensive and time-taking process. With a responsive design, you only need one version which will run on every device of different screen size. Plus in the long run, there will be less maintenance costs.

SEO friendly

Responsive web designs are SEO friendly from the search engine point of view. With quality content and user-friendly interface will enhance the search engine rankings.

User experience is necessary for people who visit your website. In order for visitors to like your website, you need to have an adaptable site that can be viewed from the device of any size. It makes it easy for you to convince people to come back. If someone comes to your website on a mobile, and it takes time to load, or in case they have to scroll horizontally, it will make your company appear sloppy and unprofessional.

And people do not want to do business with a company which looks unprofessional. But a responsive website provides good user experience to the visitors and also helps convince individuals to give your business a chance. As zooming in and out, scrolling and enlarging will be gone, content can be viewed easily, and the overall impression of your website will be right on people.

Competitive Edge

Having a website that looks good and works well across platforms will give you a competitive edge. You can be the business with the site all the customers want to use. With excellent user experience, you can expect sales and leads to increase beyond the competition and also your expectations.

Embrace Responsive Web Design For Your Website

Even if a customer likes your desktop version of the website, which he has used in the past, the vast majority of mobile users will abandon your website in a second in favor of a more mobile-friendly site. This is the power of responsive web design. Responsive design will help turn your website business into a success story in no time.

Also, it is cost-effective, which will give you enough incentive to choose a responsive website. It has become a necessity for modern digital marketing strategies. Don’t forget to contact the website designing company in Faridabad for more information. SEO expert India

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