Why Responsive Website is necessary for your Business?

People search their queries mostly on mobile phones these days. Do you know around 60% of the total online searches come from smartphones only? That is legitimately more than half of the total millions of searches.

A website with responsive design layout means that it is able to it in the devices of every screen size whether you open it on your computer, laptops, smartphones or tablets. This is done through coding in HTML and CSS. Having a responsive website or in simple words, we can call it a mobile friendly website which is nowadays a very crucial part of any online business websites. Every business is spending on having mobile-friendly websites.

1. Google recommends an only mobile friendly website

With an increasing number of smartphones user, Google in 2015 changed the search engine algorithms. Google now factors a website with responsive design as a ranking signal. This is why responsive design is so important. If you want your website to rank on the search engines then having a mobile friendly website is a must. Google has also now introduced Mobile first indexing strategy which now bases a website’s ranking based on the mobile version of the website. A responsive design includes-

  • Text and images are able to resize, shrink enlarge to fit the content n the screen.
  • No scrolling horizontal, only vertical scrolling

2. More mobile users’ traffic

With the increasing number of mobiles phones users, more searches are performed on smartphones. Your website should be fully optimised for mobile and render content properly on small screen size devices. It enhances the user experience and the overall search engine rankings.

3. Lower cost

Some businesses opt for a separate version of their website i.e., mobile version and a desktop version. This is a more expensive and time consuming process. With a responsive design you only need one version which will run on every device of different screen size. Plus in long run, there will be less maintenance cost.

4. SEO friendly

Responsive web designs are SEO friendly from the search engine point of view. With quality content and user-friendly interface will enhance the search engine rankings.

5. Competitive Edge

Having a website that looks good and works well across platforms will give you a competitive edge. You can be the business with the website all the customers want to use.With great user experience, you can expect sales and leads to increase beyond the competition and also your expectations.

Final thoughts!Even if a customer likes your desktop version of the website which he has used in the past, the vast majority of mobile users will abandon your website in a second in favour of a more mobile friendly website. This is the power of a responsive website.”