Every business small or large who are thinking of taking their business online comes across this dilemma of using a theme or hiring a WordPress Design Company India to build a custom website. But what is best for your site. In this article, I would discuss the pros and cons of both.

What is WordPress Theme?

It is a prebuilt theme that you can buy from ThemeForest. These pre-built themes are developed by web developers to the business needs of people starting a small online business. This is an excellent way to get a budget-friendly website.


1. It is affordable – WordPress themes are accessible, and you can choose from over thousands of theme that are available on ThemeForest. You can get a beautiful and fully functional website with a little investment. It is best for small business who are trying hands first time at online business.

2Optimized for Speed and Mobile – The themes you buy are already optimized for speed and are responsive in devices of every size. You can get a website up and running in about 1-2 weeks.


1It may not fully suit your business – If you are thinking of buying a theme than you can only do things that it allows you to do. A good website needs to adequately represent your business. The theme may not be as versatile as the needs of your business.

2Poor quality – Suppose you bought a theme you like then install it on your website and upload your content. It may not be suitable as good as you were shown in the demo. Just like when you shop online, you check reviews before buying any product, here also you need to do the same. Some designer uses high-quality images in the demo, but it may not look the same when you buy it.

What is WordPress Theme Customization?

Here, web developer work on a prebuilt theme that can be bought online to make the website fit your business in the best way possible.


1Total control over the look – If you can a unique design for your website then hiring a web developer is a must. A web developer can design your website according to the needs of the business and its customers. You have total control over how your site should look and work.

2Suits your business– Custom Design is there because every company is different, so your website should not look like thousands of sites on Google. It helps you to create your distinctive brand that will help grow your business.

3Fewer Plugins – With Custom Built website uses fewer plugins and instead use codes to customise your site. A plugin is the set of codes implemented on WordPress website to add more functions to it. Using fewer plugins not only leads to less time a site will take to load but also you will need more infrequent updates.


1Time – It takes time to design, develop and launch a custom website. It can take about 4-5 weeks.

2Costly – Of course, it is more expensive than just buying a theme as here you will have to hire a developer to customise the existing issues and plugins.

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